After three miscarriages, this woman falls pregnant again while she is already pregnant and gives birth to twins

by Mark Bennett

June 08, 2022

After three miscarriages, this woman falls pregnant again while she is already pregnant and gives birth to twins

We know how important it is for some couples to be able to have children, even though it is sometimes much more involved than it might seem. Cara Winhold and her husband Blake wanted to give a little brother or sister to their first child, Wyatt, but their attempts had proved very difficult: Cara had three miscarriages, the last of which nearly cost her her life. In these moments of despair, however, the ray of hope shone through, and Cara got pregnant again. This was an important achievement in itself, but made even more incredible by the discovery the couple had after Cara's second ultrasound. She wasn't expecting just one child, but two.

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When Cara went to the hospital for her first checkup, the ultrasound showed the presence of only one fetus, therefore she was expecting only one child. "I had my first ultrasound at five weeks to make sure everything was okay," the woman said, "and on that occasion there was 'just one baby.' Because of my medical history, the doctor wanted to see me again shortly thereafter to check that everything was still going well. When I returned to him 7 weeks into my pregnancy, I was told that there were now two children in my womb. "

How did can it happen that another child suddenly appeared in her womb a few weeks later? Doctors told her that, although rare, it is due to an event called "superfetation".


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Superfetation occurs when, following an intial fertilization, another one occurs within days or weeks later. "When the doctor told me I got pregnant while I was already pregnant," Cara explained, "I asked him how it could have happened. He replied that I most likely ovulated twice, I released two eggs and they were fertilized at different times, about a week apart from each other ".

The twins, Colson and Cayden, who were born into the world in October 2021, were a real miracle for Cara: "I believe 100% that it was a miracle for everything that has happened to me since having my first child. I like to believe that it was a way of getting back the two children that I had lost in my miscarriages. I see no other explanation. Besides, there are no cases of twins in my family, so I really believe this is a miracle. "

And when it comes to miracles, after the miscarriages she suffered, Cara described her joy and her feelings about this amazing pregnancy that she successfully brought to term: "I like to believe that it was my way to bring back the two children that I lost and to help them live again, in a certain sense".

The twins have always been of different sizes because one of the two, Colson, was fertilized two weeks ahead of his little brother in terms of growth by the end of her pregnancy. Cara wanted to send a message of hope to all those mothers and couples who want a child with all their hearts, but who, for whatever reason, cannot achieve their goal: "Even if for some reason it seemed like I could not have another child, we knew that the desire for more children was written in our fate. We were already looking at foster care and adoption options. If it's in your fate, your heart and your calling, then don't give up because we didn't and we got a huge surprise and a wonderful miracle ".