Sister unintentionally reveals to her…
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Sister unintentionally reveals to her future sister-in-law that her brother already has 4 children: he goes on a rampage

May 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you decide to enter into a relationship with another person, it is always advisable to start from a foundation of sincerity and honesty. In fact, if this is missing, it is difficult for a relationship to be able to progress and bear fruit, especially if the goal of two people is to eventually get married and start a family. In the event that one of the two partners is not 100% sincere and honest - and a friend, relative or someone else knows this is the case -  how should they behave towards the partner that is being kept in the dark? Should they talk to them or just let it go and ignore it? To avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations, perhaps we should opt for the second path and give the couple all the time necessary to get to know each other properly.

Unfortunately, sometimes coincidences and situations happen in which, involuntarily, details of a person's past are revealed - as what happened in the story we are about to tell you about. The subject of this story is a young woman who, unwittingly, revealed to her future sister-in-law an aspect of her brother's life that she was not aware of and which, apparently, put their relationship at serious risk.

via: Reddit

In a Reddit post, this woman talks about her brother, a man of 28 years of age. She wrote in the post: "I've always seen him (my brother) having relationships with different girls, even with more than one at the same time, but I never said anything. It's his life and it is right that he is to manage it as he sees fit, so I have never intervened and I have kept myself to myself and minded my own business." The man's sister continues: "Over the years, my brother has had 4 children who he does not care much about. He only sends child support payments to his eldest child, while the others are hardly considered at all. He calls them "accidents" and gets terribly angry when one of their mothers calls him about some problem with his child".

About three years before this post, another woman turned up in the man's life. Beautiful, nice and friendly, this woman immediately got along well with her new partner and also with his sister. The author wrote: "I didn't expect their relationship to last this long, but I'm happy it did, she's a truly wonderful woman".

Our author and her brother had always shared an apartment, but things had changed when this new partner arrived. As everything seemed to be all sunshine and rose, and things were going well between the dating couple, the sister looked for another place to live and left the house for the couple.

The sister's story continued: "As soon as I left the house, my brother furnished the place and proposed to his girlfriend. I was delighted. So, it was too bad that, a couple of weeks later, something happened that broke up their relationship. When she was peaking about the wedding, the future and the prospect of having many children, my future sister-in-law told me she couldn't wait to to become a mother. She was convinced that her partner would be fantastic in the role of a fathe. Unfortunately, and without meaning to, I blurted out that with his existing 4 children, he had not been a perfect father at all. Well, turns out, she did not know he already had had children with his ex partners. "

The woman that the author's brother was about to take to the altar did not know that he was already a father and this put the entire relationship in serious crisis. The brother went on a rampage and blamed his sister for what had happened in the days that followed. Her family also lashed out at her, telling her that by not keeping silent, she had put an important relationship at risk.

The question is: was this sister really wrong to unintentionally reveal something this important, or was her brother wrong to omit telling his fiancé about already being a father from the start? What do you think?


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