A woman gives birth to triplets in the…
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A woman gives birth to triplets in the course of five days: it's a world record

June 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine that you are in the middle of your pregnancy, you are expecting a baby and preparations are underway for the arrival of the new family member: what could possibly go wrong? Unexpected things galore can happen, but certainly the unexpected surprise that arrived for this 33-year-old mother from New York was truly record-breaking. Can you believe that the woman in this maternity story gave birth to identical triplets over a total of five days!

The 33-year-old mother is called Kaylie DeShane and she had absolutely no idea that she was carrying not one but three identical babies in her womb; news that on the one hand made her a privileged future mother, but on the other, the doctors were rather cautious with her; such deliveries were very complex, and there was a possibility that giving birth to three babies at the same time could cause irreversible and potentially fatal harm to the babies or to the mother herself.

For this reason the doctors advised Kaylie to only continue with one baby in the pregnancy, since three would necessitate a premature delivery, and was already quite risky, but Kaylie and her husband had no intention of abandoning two babies to save one: she would give birth to all three of the babies she was carrying!

And so it was, Kaylie not only gave birth to her three children in the twenty-second week of pregnancy, but she broke a curious record: she is the first woman in the world to have given birth to identical triplets over five days. Yes, you read that right, Kaylie gave birth to the first of the triplets on December 28, 2019 but the doctors advised the mother to keep the other two in her womb for a few days because they feared that a triplet preterm birth was too risky.

The first to see the light was little Cian at the end of 2019, then in the interval of the following five days Rowan and Declan arrived: now they are beautiful and fantastic triplets who have lived happily in the DeShane house for more than a year!


Mom Kaylie said: "When we found out we were having three children we were so shocked, but it was amazing. We would have been happy with one baby, but now we would have three at once! After trying to get pregnant for four years, with my husband Brandon decided to try in vitro fertilization. We already have an adopted son, Holden, aged seven, and a stepdaughter, Naveah, aged 12, but we wanted a little brother or sister for them. We decided to try two embryos instead of just one because we thought we had a better chance of having a baby. We were told there was a ten percent chance that it could be twins and a one percent chance that it would be a triplet pregnancy - a record! "

We wish all the best to this extraordinary family, who have recently welcomed not one, but three new members into their home!


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