She thinks she is constipated; in reality, she is pregnant -
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She thinks she is constipated; in reality,…
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She thinks she is constipated; in reality, she is pregnant

June 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Is it possible not to know that one is pregnant? Apparently, the answer is yes and this is what happened to young Niomi Thomas, an 18-year-old new mother - a mother that couldn't believe she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her bewilderment was total, given that Niomi regularly took birth control pills, so she should not have become pregnant at all. But some will still wonder how she managed to go through a 9 month pregnancy without ever having had any symptoms? The truth is that Niomi still had her period, albeit irregularly, during the nine months and she didn't suffer from any of the classic ailments (like morning sickness). Before she gave birth, however, she had started suffering from back pain and stomach pain - but she believed it was all related to a constipation problem.

Of course, it wasn't constipation or menstrual symptoms: Niomi was about to give birth. "I took the pill every day," she said, "I never felt any movement and everyone asked me how come I didn't feel the baby? The doctors said the placenta was in the front, so every time the baby kicked she didn't kick me, so I didn't feel it. "

The young woman began to experience the first symptoms of back pain and stomach pain while she was doing her internship in a daycare. The pains started to get so bad that Niomi had to go home and lie down on her bed: she didn't feel well, but everyone, including her mother, kept telling her that it was probably constipation. "The day before I had been working and I thought I was having my period - I had a lot of back pain and stomach pain, which is normal for me when I get my period," Niomi said. "It got to the point where I couldn't work anymore, so I went home. During the night, everything got progressively worse and, obviously, looking back on it now, I was in labor. "

Her mother kept telling her not to worry and to take painkillers, but none of these reassurances worked - not least because half an hour later, the young woman started to feel much worse. As she lay in her room, Niomi felt her waters break. But, at the time, not knowing she was pregnant, she didn't know what was happening to her.

"I texted my mom saying 'I'm really scared, something bad is happening to me.' Obviously it was really traumatic and very scary because I was very confused about what was going on as I had never felt that kind of pain before," said the young woman. Then it was time for the delivery: "I had this strong urge to push and then I felt relief and I thought 'oh great, the pain is gone' and then, when I looked at the foot of my bed. I exclaimed: 'oh my god, I had a baby' ".

As soon as she gave birth, Niomi her baby, Talia, were taken to the hospital for a full checkup. Although Niomi drank at least 3 cups of coffee a day and some alcohol during her pregnancy, little Talia was in perfect health.

What can we say? Our best wishes to this young mother!


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