To attend a job interview, a young woman skips her mother's 5th wedding: the mother is offended -
To attend a job interview, a young woman…
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To attend a job interview, a young woman skips her mother's 5th wedding: the mother is offended

June 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Dealing with your parents' divorce isn't easy. There are many factors that influence whether or not the event is traumatic or not: the age of the children, the causes, agreement or disagreement between the parents on the terms, etc. In short, it is not a walk in the park, but, as with everything, time helps and heals all wounds, as they say. And so, as the months and years go by, each of parents can sometimes find a new soul mate, and might decide to get married. In such cases, the children may or may not approve of the choice by their mother or father - but they certainly cannot force their parents to change their minds and must be willing to accept their decision.

The subject of this story is a daughter who had to choose whether to go to an important job interview or to attend her mother's wedding with her new partner. The girl preferred the former option - not only out of necessity, but also because her mother was on her 5th marriage and only over the course of a few years. We discover here what this daughter told her mother:

via: Reddit

Having looked for a job for months, this 26-year-old woman was finally able to get an opportunity to attend an interview when her mother invited her to "yet another" wedding ceremony. Why say "yet another"? For the simple fact that, since her daughter was born and after the end of the relationship with her father, the woman had already remarried 4 more times.

The young woman writes in her post: "In the span of my life, my mother has had more than 50 different relationships.  When I was little, this caused me a lot of anguish. I always had to see different men in the house and I didn't feel at peace. I was alone. I was 4 years old when my father left our home and my mother immediately started dating other people and neglected to care for me properly. Now, after 4 marriages and as many divorces, she insists she has found Mr Right and that he is her true soul mate. And now this.... she wants to marry this man and has invited me to participate in the ceremony".

Unfortunately - or fortunately - our author had an important job interview scheduled for the same day. The question was: to give up the job opportunity or to miss her mother's 5th wedding event?

On Reddit, the young woman wrote: "I thought it would have helped me much more to go to the interview for the job and not to the wedding. Moreover, I was convinced that she would not mind too much if I missed the wedding and she would not feel offended by my absence. But this wasn't the case. She, and the rest of the family, got really mad. They all called me to tell me I was wrong and that I was missing a fantastic, sacred celebration. "

Fortunately, however, the girl had common sense and, despite the displeasure of her mother, she did not give up the opportunity she had been looking for for so long. The prize she got for this was that she got the job. "Now I have a job, a salary and I can rent my apartment by myself. I don't regret anything," concluded the author.


And according to the young woman's followers who read and replied to her story, her behavior was not inappropriate. She had something far more important to do for herself rather than attend another wedding of her mother. Her mother should have understood her daughter's priorities, and have respected her decision to skip the wedding without taking offense

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