"I am allergic to water: I cannot drink…
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"I am allergic to water: I cannot drink it or even cry without having a reaction"

June 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Allergies are very common nowadays and can involve both food and breathing allergens, such as pollen, mites or pet epithelia (skin cells). So it is no wonder, then, if an individual, however healthy they may have been in the past or their youth, suddenly develops some form of  allergic reaction to something, even in their mature, adult years. However, in this story, the young woman's allergy is very rare and uncommon (luckily!). And her condition left us speechless: Abigail Beck is, in fact, allergic to water! Even just starting from stating this simple fact, you can imagine how hard the life of this woman must be - since water is an element that is an integral part of our daily life.

via: NY Post

Abigail Beck is 15 years old and is so allergic to water that she can't even cry or shower without irritating rashes appearing on her skin. This is an extremely debilitating condition when you think about the number of times she has to deal with water during a day. Unfortunately, contact with water causes her to develop hives. And, of course, if you're wondering, Abigail can't even drink a glass of water: for at least one year now, and since she was diagnosed with this very rare medical condition that affects only 1 in 200 million people, she hasn't drunk any water at all.

"I cry like all normal people do, but it hurts", said the young woman. In fact, she then described her tears as "one of the worst parts" of her condition because the tears burn her face. Regarding her allergy, she doesn't mince her words: "It has ruined my life, and I just want to be normal. I vomit if I drink water, my chest hurts a lot and my heart starts beating fast."

Unfortunately, due to the rarity of this disease, it is not known how best to treat this disorder which usually occurs during the age of puberty. The causes seem to be random, and without a genetic link to her family. Doctors do not have precise answers, but if Abigail's condition does not improve, they will be forced to rehydrate her using pills and special transfusions. It wasn't even easy for Abigail to be able to get a doctor to listen to her and get a diagnosis. But in the end, some clarity came, albeit only partial. The scariest thing about this disease is not having any answers or cure: if something unexpected happens, how should Abigail and those around her behave? The young woman is not sure, and this is what discourages her the most.
"When I tell people that I am allergic to water, they think it is absolutely ridiculous and many are shocked by this fact. People always stress that our bodies are made up of water. Some people ask me probing questions, which is fine with me because I would love to help to educate the public. I am ready to answer any question," said the young woman.
This is truly a very difficult condition to have and face daily ... we hope that Abigail will find a cure as soon as possible!
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