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Pilot loses control of his plane: an inexperienced passenger manages to land it and saves everyone (+ VIDEO)

June 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

For many of us it is not always easy to plan a trip and decide to travel by plane. Many fear flying, and after all, rising up into the sky in a heavy vehicle seems to go against every law of nature and physics, but we know that this is not really the case. Technology has made great strides in this regard, and traveling by plane is one of the safest modes of travel available.

Despite all this, what could be the most frightening situation that could happen when flying? Perhaps it is of being in the air and with no one piloting the aircraft. Sounds like a movie scenario, don't you think? Yet this is what actually happened in Florida. Let's see what happened:

On an ordinary day, and traveling onina small aircraft that could accommodate up to a maximum of 13 passengers, moments of pure panic and fear broke out. Why? The pilot fell ill and was no longer able to pilot the plane. This was obviously an unexpected and highly dangerous incident which, thanks to the courage and initiative of a passenger, had a happy ending.

Without any kind of experience behind him, but with a lot of confidence, an passenger managed to keep calm, did not panic and, as soon as he realized what was happening, he got in touch with the control tower.

The only thing this passenger was sure of was that the pilot of the Cessna Caravan had fallen ill and no one but he could save the situation. But what could he do? He could do nothing other than to contact the air traffic controllers on the radio. "Please help, we have a serious problem here. The pilot has fallen ill and I have no idea how to fly a plane".

Fortunately, a flight instructor was also present at the control tower who immediately gave instructions to the passenger. "Try to keep the wings level and start to descend gradually. Keep on your course and follow the coast - we will try to pick you up on radar as quickly as possible".

After a few moments, the plane was actually located a short distance from Boca Raton and was directed to the Palm Beach airport where the passenger miraculously managed to land successfully.


The calmness and confidence of the passenger, combined with instructions from the air traffic controllers, made sure this story had a happy ending. The fundamental thing, as can be seen from this story, was the level-headiness maintained by the passenger. If he had panicked and didn't do everything he was told, this story could have ended very differently (and tragically).

In a very short time this event went viral on the web and everyone congratulated this heroic passenger. Who among us wouldn't want to have the same attitude of this man and keep our nerve, even when forced to land a plane with no flight experience whatsoever?

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