Woman dates a guy 3 times: when he realizes it won't work out, he asks her for "a refund"

Mark Bennett

January 25, 2023

Woman dates a guy 3 times: when he realizes it won't work out, he asks her for

First dates between two people are key to understanding if the couple is compatible (or not). Of course, dating does not always have a positive outcome and it is very probable that the two people stop seeing each other after the second or third date. But what should one do at this point?

Young Alex Colboth, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, was stunned by the request of her latest suitor that she had met through a dating site. The young man, only known as CK, asked her to refund half of the money he had spent on their first few dates.

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Alex shared the message on Twitter, which read as follows: "Hi Alex, since you and I will not be seeing each other again, it is only fair that I ask you for a refund for half the money I spent on our dates. If I am not mistaken, we had 3 dates and I paid for your drinks and meals. I'd say $35 dollars is more than fair for the food and drinks I bought you. I consider you an upstanding woman and I hope you'll consider refunding me. Thanks, CK!" This message also had a link where the refund could be paid into.

Alex stated that she found CK's request extremely "bold and cheeky". Later, she explained that on all three dates, she offered to pay her share, but CK always refused. As a result, Alex does not consider it fair for her to reimburse CK. The post garnered over 184,000 vies and was inundated with comments - many of which have reignited the age-old debate over who should pay for a date.

Some agreed with Alex and attacked CK: “Dating is trying: you put in time, money, god knows what else and sometimes it doesn't work out and you have to walk away empty handed. You made the decision to spend your money and now you're mad about not conquering the woman? It's not Alex's problem," wrote one user.

Others, however, took CK's side: "Call me crazy, but this seems right to me. He invested time and money in a new relationship and since it was a waste of time, he doesn't want it to also be a loss of money… If I could take back all the money I have spent on people who have left me, I would,” commented one woman.

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