Mother criticized for going on a luxury vacation without taking her 6-month-old daughter with her: "You're selfish" -
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Mother criticized for going on a luxury…
This mom sleeps in the lounge to free up a room for her 18-year-old daughter:

Mother criticized for going on a luxury vacation without taking her 6-month-old daughter with her: "You're selfish"

May 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

While it's important to take time out for yourself, both individually and as a couple, it's only natural that the arrival of a baby can upset this balance for a while. It is also normal for some mothers to feel the need to unwind a little after the birth, and after the first few years of dealing with diapers (and other responsibilities) - everyone deserves a vacation. Influencer Carla Bellucci, however, has caused a storm of controversy when she booked a luxury vacation in Dubai and left her 6-month-old daughter at home. Many of her followers have criticized her and the heated arguments were not long in coming: "What type of mother would ever do such a thing?".

via: The Sun

Perhaps it is no surprise then, that Carla Bellucci has been given the title of "the most hated woman in England", given that even in this case, she seems to have attracted the hostility of many of her loyal followers. Indeed, it was her followers who realized, from the photos that the influencer posted to Instagram, that Carla had flown to Dubai without taking her little daughter, Gianna Blu, with her. "It was a huge problem for everyone that I had gone on vacation without Blue," commented Carla,"but she was with her grandmother and her sister, and I hadn't left my little girl alone!".

During her stay in Dubai, Carla's partner proposed to her, and this marriage proposal was accompanied by a ring worth £ 6,000 pounds ($ 7,300 dollars). To those who accused her of being a selfish mother, Carla replied: "I always go on vacation without my children. We have our alone time and then we have our family vacations. Taking breaks alone as a couple is important: it helps to keep the relationship alive".

In Dubai she also had to work as a blogger and this fact means that it was not a holiday really suitable for the little ones. "Of course I missed Blue so much" commented Carla, interviewed on the subject, "but I don't regret going to Dubai. I never considered for a moment that Blue should be there with us because it's not practical at all: how could I get a tan with Blue yelling next to me?". And perhaps this is the point most illustrative of her reasoning: Carla is convinced that parents who take young children to exotic locations on vacation are the ones who need to be questioned:

"You can't take that kind of vacation with the kids. You can't enjoy your time, the kids scream because they get sunburnt or they may get sunburn. I think these moms who take their kids on luxury vacations are irresponsible - you shouldn't take the kids there in the heat! If I had done it with Blue, I would have been called irresponsible by everyone; but now because I left her at home with my grandmother, I am still irresponsible: I just cannot win ".

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