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"I hate being a father, I can't stand…
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"I hate being a father, I can't stand my daughter and if I could, I would never see her again"

May 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Becoming a parent isn't easy at all. It's a choice that must be discussed, planned and, above all, one needs to be 100% sure about it for one's own good and also for that of the little ones. If you are not totally convinced that you want to have a child, then it is always advisable to postpone becoming a parent. Maybe all the things that someone wants to experience and can do before becoming a parent have not yet been exhausted, or some simply do not feel ready yet. Whatever the reason, such a step must be taken with care, wisdom and without being hasty, so as to be able to absolutely sure that becoming a parent is actually what one wants to be at this point in one's life.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the father who is the subject of this story. This father is 31 years old and has mixed feelings towards his little girl. Indeed, in a post on Reddit, he went so far as to say: "I can't stand her! If it were up to me I would never see her again." In this story, we describe the reasons that led him to utter these harsh words.

via: Reddit

The man, originally from the United Kingdom, began his story by stating that he has is in a good financial position, has a satisfying job, and that he has a house of his own. As a result, he does not have any serious and overwhelming day-to-day problems. The only drawback in his quiet and peaceful life? His daughter.

Having the child was unplanned, and the little girl doesn't seem to have entered her father's affections. "I immediately understood that having a child was not for me," wrote the man. He continued: "As soon as she was born, I felt that something was wrong. I tried in every way to be a good parent, to please her; I tried to enjoy the relationship with her and I supported her. The truth is, I just can't. Whatever I do, I still hate being a parent."

According to what this reluctant father says, even his partner is not so keen on their daughter. It is not a confession that his partner has made directly to him, but he perceives the negativity in the air and is sure that her feelings are very similar to his. The father went on to say: "We are not bad parents, don't get me wrong. We try ensure the kid lacks for nothing and we support her, but parenting is too much stress for us. It's an overwhelming situation that we never wanted to be in." 

All this negativity is spurred on in part by the child's supposedly unmanageable character and her poor behavior, but, as the father wrote, this is not the issue he wants to focus on. The advice he asks from users is strictly linked to dealing with the negative feelings that have been caused inside hime by becoming a parent.


"Every day I miss my old life - I am very unhappy now. I was happy, I woke up always looking to day to come, I planned everything together with my partener... Not anymore," wrote the unhappy father. "We do nothing but pray for Monday to come. Yes, we pray for the beginning of the week, because we know that, at least for a while, we will not hear crying, screaming and having to fight with the kid. We know that our little girl does not have any awareness of how unhappy her parents are, and it is certainly not her fault that we have this attitude, but that's the way it is and we simply have to deal with it".

Throughout this ordeal, the respective parents have shared responsibilities in order to allow the other to rest from time to time, but the downtime never seems to be enough. "I know it's difficult to read and accept", continues the statement by the exhausted father. He added: "If it were up to me I would never see my daughter again. Not that I want to abandon her, mind you, I will make sure she has all she needs and I will do everything possible to make her happy. I'm just saying that if I could go back in time, I would make a different choices and never agree to have a child. "

As much as he tries to solve the problem, this dad feels that nothing and no one will ever make him change his mind about this. Maybe one day, something will happen and the parent-child bond will be born grow. But until then, this father is in a very bad place, mentally.

Notwithstanding this, his words are very harsh, if you consider they are those of a parent. What do you think about this sad story?


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