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"I have a small child, very few hours…
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"I have a small child, very few hours of sleep and my husband woke me up at 2 am to make him dinner"

May 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Very often the work of a housewife and a mother is underestimated. There are many clichés that if a woman decides that to be a housewife - taking care of the house, the children and all that this role entails - then it really means that "she does no job at all." This is not the case, of course, and it should be common knowledge - but apparently we are still far from achieving this recognition and this victory. The subject of this story knows about this sad reality very well.

A woman, a wife, and a mother was suddenly woken up by her husband in the middle of the night to ... make dinner for him. This was clearly an absurd request and one about which she decided to vent about on the web, asking for advice and support from her followers. Let's see what she said:

via: Reddit

According to her own words, this woman's husband has recently been coming home late from work. His working hours had lengthened, and for this reason he was returning home very late at night after his shift. Nothing too strange, so far. The wife, and the subject of the story, was used to having dinner alone and not putting anything aside for her husband. After all, he had always told her not to worry about preparing anything for him, as he would have dinner at work if he had to work the long shift.

One evening, however, this woman was woken with a start by her husband at 2:45 am.

"Wake up! I'm hungry, I want to eat." This is how the man addressed his wife, completely ignoring the fact that she might be tired and in need of her rest. After all, the couple had recently had a baby and, as we know, the early days of childcare are not easy for all new parents. One becomes sleep-deprived and you have to seize every minute available to rest in order to get back on your feet. And this is exactly what this woman was trying to do, but taking care of everything in her house was obviously not a good reason, according to her husband, to let her continue to sleep.

"When he woke me up, demanding dinner and I replied that I had not saved him anything because, when he works late, he eats at the work canteen - he told me that himself," wrote the woman. She continued: "He looked stunned and replied that he never told me any such a thing, demanding that I get up immediately and prepare him some dinner. At this point, I got angry. "


The couple continued arguing with the husband insisting that because he worked all day to support the family,  his wife should at least take care of his dinner.

The woman continued to describe what happened: "When my child woke up because of all of the commotion, my husband left the room. He told me that I should be asking for forgiveness for my behavior. And then, without taking into account of my feelings, he also accused me of overeating and putting on too much weight."

This is certainly morally questionable behavior from her husband but, despite everything, the wife still had her doubts. She asked other people whether or not she was right to refuse to prepare her husband dinner at 2 am - she was scared that perhaps this had been a mistake. The reaction of her follower who read the post were totally supportive of the woman, telling her that she had done nothing wrong.

In the past, the husband had stated some things that his wife respected. But then he changed and demanded that his wife be completely at his disposal - clearly forgetting that his wife was a human being and not a robot. He had belittled her work and hurt her deeply for not having considered the efforts and sacrifices she had to make every day while staying at home being a housewife.

Remember that being a housewife does not mean doing nothing - it does mean working, working very hard indeed. This is why we should always respect those who do this work, exactly like we do with any other worker.

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