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5-year-old gives mom some pointed advice…
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5-year-old gives mom some pointed advice on how to avoid stress

March 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Children always manage to surprise us with their unexpected philosophical pearls of wisdom. Nobody would expect good advice, full of insight, from a 5-year-old child who certainly still lacks a lot of life skills. Yet it is precisely this that makes us smile and that makes what they tell us seem even more "wise". An exhausted mom shared her 5-year-old son's magical advice on Twitter after she told him she was feeling a little nervous and stressed about a business meeting she was supposed to be having later that day. Her son's response was this: "Mom, I'm always nervous and stressed. I know what to do." So, here are all the tips the little one managed to list on a short morning trip to school.

First piece of advice: "You have to repeat these phrases to yourself and in your heart. You have to say: 'I feel strong about this meeting!', 'I am loved!', 'I am strong!', etc .. You can repeat these to yourself five or eight or ten times, until you are convinced of it". Someone doubted that this was really a piece of advice from a 5-year-old who, unexpectedly, seems to know the value of positive affirmations - but the mom assured everyone that it was all his own idea.

Second piece of advice: "You have to walk with confidence. You have to do it seriously. Like Dolly riding the Dinosaur. Because you know you have it!" Yes, in short, body language is important and feeling confident - like you are riding a dinosaur - is not bad advice.

Third piece of advice: "Never put a skunk on a bus". We have no idea what this means and not even the child's mother has been able to explain it, but it really seems like a sentence that is full of wisdom.

Fourth piece of advice: "Think about the donuts and fries in your day! Even if you cry a little, you can always think about the donuts and fries!". In a world where things aren't always easy, focus on the positive - focus on the 'donuts' or 'fries' that you can will be able eat later and which are definitely a positive aspect of life.

Fifth piece of advice: "You have to take a deep breath and then you have to do it again." Well, there is little to say here since breathing and targeted breathing exercises are the basis of any psychotherapeutic path.


Sixth piece of advice: "Even if it's a lousy day, you can get hugs." Hugs relieve stress - this is well known. When we're sad or just feeling a little down, we should be able to count on a hug.

Not bad for a 5 year old, right?

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