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13 hilarious Dads who are absolute geniuses…
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13 hilarious Dads who are absolute geniuses when it comes to being a parent!

July 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We know that raising children is an important task, of course, but nobody said that it has to be boring! 

These thirteen dads have their own special ways of interacting with their children, somewhere between scolding and mild reproach and loving teasing!

Here is how these eternal Peter Pans keep the prankster spirit of their youth alive without neglecting to fulfill their duties as a parent.

1. This is a Dad who lets his daughter experiment with her artistic talents while not neglecting his own!

2. When you're in a hurry for your child to become a big man!


3. First driving lesson? Dad is ready for any and everything!

4. Hockey is Canada's most popular sport and this dad is a true Canadian.

5. There are dads who want at all costs to have a son but there are also dads who know how to adapt!


6. A dad who makes his daughter leave the house wearing a t-shirt with his muscular body displayed which is done to frighten all potential boyfriends --- he's just being a little protective!

7. This police officer dad had run out of lunch bags so he put the food in the bag normally used for collecting evidence!


8. '"Well, son, the sign says "Frozen Hispanic" --- Take a picture!"

 9. When a son passes on his passion for dinosaurs to his father. A little too much ...


10. "Have fun cleaning this up! Love you, Daddy! --- Yes, this is a dad who definitely thinks he's funny!

11. When your dad gives you a big graduation gift --- of $4.00 USD!

12. "Honey, will you look after the baby, yes?"

13. Daddy makes creative use of his daughter's hair extensions!

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