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14 instances where kids tried their…
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14 instances where kids tried their parents' patience and the laughs far outweigh the disasters they made

July 30, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Nothing brings more joy than bringing a new baby into the world. It doesn't matter if its your own, your sibling's, or your friend's baby, there's nothing quite more exciting than getting to help raise a child. After all, it does "take a village."

Raising children, however, isn't always the easiest job in the world. Every adult (parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent alike) who's been around children are well aware that each day is more unpredictable than the next. We may turn our back for only one second, but somehow these kids end up getting themselves caught in the most bizarre situations. Their imaginations know no limit, and this gallery of photos is about to prove exactly that: acrobatic spectacles, science experiments, practical jokes gone wrong... you name it, they've done it! And we're not sure we would've been able to handle these kids and their shenanigans as well as these adults did. Would you?   

My kid decided the toilet paper needed a bath!

image: dmclb/reddit

He insisted in making breakfast for me this morning...


My son swallowed a quarter after showing his little brother how he swallowed my smartphone's USB reader...

This little girl doesn't know what she's gotten herself into licking this side rail...

How she got stuck inside the bucket, we'll never know...

image: FKVLA_/reddit

This little boy wanted to paint this fence so badly... luckily he was okay with painting it with water!

He climbed on top of the car so that no one would be able to find him while playing hide and seek...


I asked him to to put more toilet paper on the dispenser and this is what he did...

Hard to tell really how he did it... if he tried to reenact it, he probably wouldn't be able to!


My son tp-ed the entire house... such a waste of good toilet paper!

I scratched in "Love you, dad" on the hood of his dad's car... what a mix of emotions this father must be feeling right now...

image: Imgur

She wanted to see if markers could be used as makeup... I guess they can!

My little cousin spilled hot chocolate on the floor and she thinks she can clean it all up with one lousy paper napkin

She having a hissy fit because she think I am "drowning" her cabbage patch doll...

What do you think, could you handle these situations? 

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