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10 occasions in daily life in which…
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10 occasions in daily life in which children gave their parents a hard time

September 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Being a full-time mum and dad is a very hard and particularly tiring job, yet couples who love each other will generally want children and will do anything to bring them into the world and raise them. Don't get us wrong, bringing up a little one is one of the most rewarding jobs that there is in the world, but it's a job requiring patience and lots of love, and not without situations which can border on madness and unpredictability. This fun gallery is overwhelming proof of that.

Before and after the wedding: the arrival of a son and a dog!

Always try to be a good example ... for your children!


Don't pinch your baby's cheek too hard ...

An ordinary day of parenting!

Our little ones are always spectacular chefs!

When it's time for a pillow fight ...

... or when they play hide and seek and think they are invisible ...

And make sure you don't leave pens in the hands of unattended little ones!

The look of all children and their parents during the 2020 lockdown ...

You can never, ever leave them alone!

Life with children is really hard, but dear parents know that bringing them up is an unpredictable adventure that will leave you with the best memories of your life!

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