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15 photos show babies crying for the…
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15 photos show babies crying for the most absurd and unreasonable reasons

January 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Even the most apparently ugly situation can have a funny and even comic side. Parents know it well: when they choose to have a child, they know that they will face moments of infinite joy and long periods of crying. In the first months of life, babies cries are often motivated by hunger or the need to sleep. When they grow up a little, however, the crying can also be triggered for reasons that may appear absurd and without any sense to us but which for little ones are terrible disasters: the dog's in the way, the mother doesn't want to give her daughter bacon yet, guacamole is too cold, or they can't stand the happy birthday song. In these photos we show you some of the reasons why kids, at times, just can't help but cry.

1. The baby is crying because his mother won't let her drink the chemicals stored under the sink. He still doesn't know they're not safe.

2. This little girl is crying because she can't get through the dog door. Couldn't she go through the open door?


3. This child is crying in front of the oven because dinner isn't ready yet: he, on the other hand, already has a fork in hand.

4. The baby is crying because the dog is lying on the floor and he is unable to pass with the chair. Where does he want to take it?

5. This child is crying because he doesn't want the banana which wasn't even offered to him: he already knows what he wants to eat and when to eat it.


6. This girl is crying because her parents took her to a Justin Bieber concert but she obviously has other musical tastes.

7. The kid's crying because he can't hold all the crayons in one hand. So how does he draw on the paper?


8. The kid is crying because her parents have told her she can't have more bacon. Now eat your eggs!

9. The child is crying because he received bad news: his parents told him that robots don't have dads. So how are they born?


10. This baby is lying on the floor crying because the guacamole is too cold. Is this a clue to his future career?

11. This child, on the other hand, is a perfectionist: he's crying because his toast isn't square. How could his parents do this to him?

12. It's her birthday but the child is crying because they sung happy birthday to her. Is she crying out of embarrassment or anger?

13. This kid's crying because he can't decide which candy to take from the bowl. Can't he have them all?

14. This baby is crying in despair because his dad doesn't want to give him beer, but he claims to be old enough.

15. This little boy is crying because his cereal bar broke in two. Now how can he eat it?

 These parents thought the moment was so absurd that it should be immortalized. Have you ever experienced your children crying for an absurd reason? And how did you manage to console them?

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