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15 funny and disastrous situations that…
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15 funny and disastrous situations that every parent can understand perfectly

October 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The arrival of a child is a wonderful event, there is no doubt about that. Having a little one to raise, who can give us affection, support and comfort and who will be our legacy is certainly one of the most beautiful things that life can give us.

Being a parent, however, is not a walk in the park, and above all it is not always just love, affection and "perfect" family days. On the contrary the roles of mother and father are two of the most difficult "jobs" that exist in the world. After all, children change your life, and you are not always fully aware of what you will face. You only learn the truth in practice, day after day, when things happen that only the parents who live through them can truly understand. Pranks, whims, little household disasters, the photos we are about to show you demonstrate all this better than a thousand words!

1. My daughters left this "gift" in the bathroom: for them it is a true work of art!

2. Yes, I took a bite of my older brother and now I'm crying!


3. All this just because I don't let her drink the chemicals that are under the sink ...

4. A clean t-shirt is now just a vague memory ...

5. When they fall asleep in the afternoon and you immediately start worrying that they won't sleep at night ...


6. It is not uncommon to receive a visitor in bed in the middle of the night

7. I had sanded and polished this piece of furniture for hours: I only had to walk away for 30 seconds to fetch a glass of water and my son found the sandpaper. This is the result.

image: pi35/reddit

8. The remote had been missing for days: now we know that someone enjoyed posting it in the most unlikely place.

9. Someone has eaten all his muffins and he's desperate now. Actually it was him.


10. I finished his favorite cookies before his class photo. He says he will never smile again.

image: reddit

11. "Mom, I made a beautiful portrait of you!"

12. My sister had just given birth. When she brought the baby home, his sister decided to pack up and leave.

13. Whenever it's time to shampoo, a real tragedy happens

14. If the fridge has to be closed, it has to be closed: it doesn't matter if mom is trapped in there trying to get out!

image: reddit

15. When they cry together there's no way of stopping them

image: reddit

16. Someone needed to vent his anger on his brother's toys - and here's how he did it.

Have you ever found yourself in situations like these with your small children?

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