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15 photos that prove that objects can…
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15 photos that prove that objects can be even more expressive than people

October 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are people who believe they are haunted by recurring images, such as seeing times with double numbers or seeing faces everywhere. Who knows how much all this is only down to chance, but those with a little child's soul like to fantasize about these strange phenomena. Who says that behind a certain arrangement of shapes there aren't really two eyes and a mouth that are sending us a secret message? If you are in the mood to fantasize with us, enjoy this gallery of human faces which can be seen in the most unlikely places and objects.

A happy old armchair after years and years of honorable service.

When you are so happy to be a kettle that you can't hide it.


This snake is already wearing his Halloween costume.

Now you know that you should treat your mop with more delicacy: a little respect for them too!

A dancing robot in the building opposite.


Evidently in life this potato wants nothing other than to be a potato.

Who knows who the angry gaze of this hat is aimed at.


When it's not enough that it's a rainy day, there's also a demon in the traffic.

"No please, don't connect me ... No, no!"


When in the middle of your walk in the woods something makes you want to go back ...

When you split an apple in half and realize you have done something very wrong.

Now don't tell me you can't see a frog in flesh and blood here.

Creepy metal parts pop up in the workshop. This smile doesn't bode well!

Who knows what is wrong with this alarm clock: she must not be happy to always be on time and to remind others that she is!

Something is definitely going on in this kitchen that only the kitchen utensils can see.

For the uninitiated, in Japan there is a museum that has a large collection of stones with faces!

Do you see faces everywhere too? Probably if this gallery has pricked your interest, you will now pay more attention to the hidden faces that are silently watching you!

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