After eating at the 3-year-old daughter's "restaurant", this dad wrote a lovely review -
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After eating at the 3-year-old daughter's…
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After eating at the 3-year-old daughter's "restaurant", this dad wrote a lovely review

June 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A dad would do anything for his beloved daughter, even put himself in the shoes of a hungry customer who eagerly awaits his order at the table. How many times will your children or grandchildren have involved you in their imaginative games in which they dream of managing their own kitchen, if not an entire restaurant? Chris Kyle has just been symbolically elected "father of the year" by internet viewers, after publishing a fantastic review of a new "venue" run by his 3-year-old daughter Ava. On the other hand, especially during these dark times, small local entrepreneurs must be supported!

Obviously, everything has been documented in some splendid images which, we are sure, will make you smile.

Chris is seated at Ava's "restaurant" table and patiently waits for his daughter to take his order.

Obviously, Ava gave her father the best table! There were even balloons, but when Chris asked Ava what they were doing at his chair, she clearly replied: "Mind your own business, those are Mum's." After having lived through this very particular experience, Chris shared a very professional review "of the place where he had just been to eat" on his Instagram channel. 

"So, today we support another African American company, it's called" Ava's Kitchen ", it just opened and I went there for lunch. The place is really clean, but let me tell you something about its owner!" 


"I waited about 45 minutes for my order to arrive and I am the only customer here. At the beginning she was making a lot of progress, then she stopped for 20 minutes because she had to watch Paw Patrol on TV. The service, in overall, it could be better, but the cook is very nice, so I'll give her another chance. Let's not give up after only the first mistake! " 

Initially Chris was a little skeptical about buying this miniature kitchen, but then, when he saw his happy little girl, he was happy about the expenditure. "It was worth every penny!" he said proudly.

Chris is a self-employed entrepreneur and, during this lockdown period, can afford to work from home and spend more time with his daughter Ava, who is always cheerful and smiling.


Ava is a girl with a very strong personality and is always cheerful, from the early morning hours. The photos of the little girl with her father are infinitely sweet.


Chris says he is happy if his "review" has brought happiness and joy to more than one person, especially because we need to laugh in these days marked by a pandemic.

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