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He was driven from home and forced to…
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He was driven from home and forced to sleep in a car for 4 years: now this young man has managed to buy himself a house

By Alison Forde

Sometimes the saddest and most difficult situations in which we find ourselves can give us the greatest push to react and put the pieces of our lives back together, with a strength and courage that maybe we didn't even think we had. This is demonstrated by several exemplary stories, such as that of Chris Atoki, which we are about to tell you.

This 24-year-old man has shown the world - and first of all himself - that, even in the moments when it is believed that there is nothing more to be done, it is possible to stand up, sacrifice oneself to find dignity, pride and serenity. As a homeless man, forced to live in his car without a penny, this young man managed to do the unthinkable.

For years, Chris's life hasn't been easy at all. He got up early to study and work, convinced that a better future would soon come for him. This was not the case, since he got fired, he was unable to help the family with his income anymore. Relations with his mother deteriorated, to the point that, after a harsh quarrel, the woman threw him out of the house. Not knowing where to go, the boy fell back on his grandmother first, then on his girlfriend's house, but both situations created problems.

He had lost everything, and was forced to live in his car, in the parking lot of a shopping mall. He was now a homeless man: for 4 long years he slept on the street and it was at that point that he even thought of ending it. Looking in the mirror, however, he decided that it was not fair to do so, and that he himself was the only person he could count on to pull himself up. So, with strength and courage, he began to do dozens of different jobs, and his economic situation slowly began to improve.

Chris was beginning to earn and set aside the money he would need to continue studying and to fulfill his dream of buying his own home. With enormous sacrifices, he managed to get hired by a mattress company and, in the meantime, continued to study, even going so far as to become a teaching assistant. Things got better until, with a new, important job, Chris managed to be in the right economic situation to think about buying a house and starting a family. And so it was.


After 4 years from the day he was kicked out of the house, this tenacious and willing guy managed to buy his own home, a $350,000 house that is the symbol - for him and for everyone in his condition - of how, in life, perseverance, willpower and self-confidence really are the keys that manage to open practically every door. It's enough to believe it and go for it, whatever the goal you want to achieve. After all, it's the only way to have no regrets: if you don't believe it, ask Chris.


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