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18 photos that definitely make an unforgettable…
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18 photos that definitely make an unforgettable impression due to their spectacular images!

July 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes, it takes very little to be stunned! A spectacular natural phenomenon, an image captured at the right moment in time, some photo-retouching that makes a photograph memorable, can give us entertaining moments that are strange, hilarious, and sometimes unique.

What we are going to offer you is a group of very specific photos that have been gathered from the Internet, some with a strong emotional content and others are just simply hilarious.

Here are the 18 images chosen that we hope will impress you.

A rare albino plant

This bar works like the stock market! Prices are constantly changing depending on how many drinks have been sold.


Orcas that defy a heavy sea storm

This cat has left its paw prints on the bedspread.

In this aerial view of Bora Bora, it seems like an imaginary place.


Cheese knives that say "Cheese!"

A hailstorm produced this hail --- extra large!


Images captured at the last moment where the man's left hand appears to be placed on a solid surface!

This aircraft cargo hold appears to be about to "eat" the helicopter!


The water flows over and around the bottle cap and creates a kind of "bubble".

Here we see that someone has incorporated a car into the roof of their garage!

This banana sculpture creates a canvas-shadow image of a monkey!

This door is quite strange but also very alluring!

The very small beginning of the famously huge wild Siberian Pike!

A Bentley that as has been modified and decked out with off-road 4-wheel drive!

These aircraft designers must have thought that there can never be enough spare engines!

An innovative machine to monitor road traffic!

Father and son out for a drive!

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