She thought she had a severe stomach ache, but in the hospital they tell her she is pregnant: she gives birth 45 minutes later -
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She thought she had a severe stomach…
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She thought she had a severe stomach ache, but in the hospital they tell her she is pregnant: she gives birth 45 minutes later

February 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Can it happen that one fails to recognise when you are pregnant? Apparently yes! And that's exactly what happened a few years ago to an English woman named Lisa Leathard. Apparently, the woman never noticed any warning signs that she was pregnant and she continued to behave as usual with her everyday life. It must be very strange to suddenly be catapulted into the role as a mother, considering that you haven't had the time to think about a name, decking out a baby room, and buying baby clothes, and many things like that. A mother also usually has to worry about what to eat during pregnancy and what not to do in order not to put the baby's health at risk. Lisa, however, had not noticed anything and she realized that she was going to be a mother again only 45 minutes before giving birth!

via: The Sun

Lisa thought she had a very severe stomach ache and when she was unable to get out of bed due to pain in her abdomen, her husband immediately took her to the hospital. Doctors confirmed after an ultrasound that she was pregnant and that her pain was due to her going into labor. Lisa and her husband Nick were shocked by the news, as neither of them expected anything of the sort and both had agreed in the past not to have any more children. Moreover, nine months is a long time and not noticing any warning signs is very strange - almost unbelievable.

In short, Lisa gave birth a few minutes after arriving at the hospital: "My baby was taken away for about 30 seconds and then was brought back: they said he was perfect, very healthy and they thought he had been born after a full term given his weight (approximately 3.4 Kg ) ".

Imagine her embarrassment when Lisa had to phone at work to say she couldn't go to the office tomorrow because ... she had just had a baby! Little Toby had just been born into the world!

Since then, the couple have actually had another baby, Noah, who is a welcome further addition to their family.

Who knows how many laughs they will have the day they tell Toby what happened on the day he was born?


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