Students voluntarily build a bus stop for a young wheelchair user

by Mark Bennett

December 24, 2021

Students voluntarily build a bus stop for a young wheelchair user

Studying the humanities and science in high school is very important. However, even the most “practical” and creative subjects are of no lesser value and the teachers at Westerly High School, Rhode Island know this well. To stimulate the creativity of their students, they specifically created a design and construction course, which allows students to see their work become realities. And one day, the design class decided to work on a very ambitious project: to build a bus stop to help a handicapped classmate. This noble and ambitious project immediately attracted the attention of social networks.

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Still no luck finding a bus stop hut for Ryder, put this makeshift shelter up for now.

Pubblicato da Tim Killam su Venerdì 24 settembre 2021

In the heart of Rhode Island, Professor Dan McKena has found alternative ways to stimulate the creativity of his students for over 20 years. Thanks to his design lessons, his students were able to realise numerous projects. Professor McKena's projects not only help familiarize one with "basic building techniques", but are also essential in learning how to be part of a larger community and to help people in their everyday lives. Since the methods of ​​this brilliant professor are well known around the city, one day the design class received a very special email. A local dad, Tim Killam, had a special request for the Professor's class.

Tim has a 5-year-old son named Ryder who was born with spinal problems and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Westerly's weather is frequently harsh and inclement, and as the winter days got colder, the loving dad had to create a makeshift bus stop for his son. The bus stop allowed his son to wait for his bus in the rain without any problems. However, since it was a somewhat flimsy structure, he decided to turn to Professor McKena's class for help.


After a shout out on Facebook looking for a bus stop for Ryder, some folks came through big time. A suggestion was made...

Pubblicato da Tim Killam su Mercoledì 3 novembre 2021

In September, Tom had already posted a photo on Facebook showing his problem. "Ryder will start kindergarten next week and a little over a year ago, before Covid, we installed a concrete walkway to allow for easy access from the wheelchair ramp to the bus stop on the street," wrote Tom. "He's finally going back to school in person now, and as fall and winter approach, we're hoping to find someone who might have a used bus stop that we can have."

However, as often happens in these cases, weeks passed and no responses came. But as soon as the professor received the young father's email, he and his class moved quickly to planning to help. To carry out the project and help little Ryder, 14 students worked intensely for a month on the project. In the meantime, the weather was becoming increasingly more harsh and, for this reason, there was not a single minute to lose. To execute the project successfully, the kids had to consider legal requirements and the space needed to accommodate Ryder, his wheelchair and an accompanying adult.

As you might have guessed, the end result was a great success. Tom could not believe his eyes - the perfect bus stop had been built for him and his little one - even including a heater and everything one might need to comfortably get on and off the school bus. As a finishing touch, a sign has been affixed to the top saying "Ryder's Bus Stop". "The size is perfect - both of us can fit inside it," said Tom. "Ryder can be anxious, so having one of his parents with him is very important."

In short, this was a wonderful gesture and one which the school and Professor McKena can be justifiably proud! Congratulations on your work!