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A teacher builds a special cart for…
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A teacher builds a special cart for his blind students: "So they can explore the outside world"

September 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are school teachers who don't know how to do their job and those who instead remain in the hearts of the little pupils, or of the students in the later childhood and adolescence phase, thanks not only to their skills in explaining concepts and how they manage to convey the their passion, but also because they had an eye on less fortunate kids. Just like Cikgu Azam, a support teacher from Malaysia who created an ingenious invention to improve the lives of his visually impaired students ...

via: Malay Mail

A graduate of the Asian country's Putra University in forestry sciences, Cikgu also did a secondary job by preparing modules and activities for school children, including students with disabilities and those who need support; thanks to this invaluable secondary work, the man had the opportunity to prepare outdoor activities for students and pupils with all types of physical impediments and disabilities. An experience that shaped him a lot and that was essential for what he would create next.

In 2009 he returned to university and earned a degree in special education to become a support teacher for children with autism and hyperactivity disorder, and he was successful in all this, including an assignment with a class with visually impaired or completely blind children; an challenging assignment which Cikgu however faced with great imagination!


When he started working with these visually impaired or blind kids, he realized something very important: "It's disappointing to see that they are intelligent children, but they are so used to their closed environment that they don't want to know about the outside world. Also. if they are visually impaired or blind, they deserve to explore the outside world. So, the challenge for me is to restore their confidence through outdoor activities and interactions that can restore the trust they have lost."

While most of his class does outside activities such as running or exercising, it still wasn't enough for this caring teacher; the brilliant idea came to him while he was watching one of his visually impaired students walking in the open air with a folding cart: Cikgu would create an improved one that would be able to help all visually impaired and blind kids to walk in the open air, gaining self-confidence !



The collapsible trolley perfected by Cikgu Azam was renamed Caballus RAFVI: "All my students are very special to me and some of them are also part of the school sports team. They need a device that helps them move around safely so that they can participate in sports activities. This device is able to meet this need and certainly helps to strengthen the confidence of my students."

A brilliant invention that has been shown around the web thanks to the videos posted on TikTok by many of his students and by other viewers from all over the world: well done Cikgu!



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