At 73 he manages to skateboard like a teenager: his skills go around the web -
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At 73 he manages to skateboard like…
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At 73 he manages to skateboard like a teenager: his skills go around the web

August 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The origins of the skateboard as we know it today occurred between the 1950s and 1960s in California. Some surfers had the brilliant idea of attaching four wheels under a flat surfboard to descend along the asphalt covered slopes. With each descent the board was perfected until the very first skateboard decks were born in 1959. The shops were stormed by the youngest, eager to learn this new sport. A passion that can last a lifetime and, even if it is believed to be a sport for children, an elderly man, inseparable from his skateboard, has amazed the whole world ...

It's never too late...

For some time now, a video of an incredibly skilled elderly man on his skateboard has been circulating on the net. His name is Igor, he is 73 years old and has had a lifelong passion for skateboarding. The curious character was made known by a surf teacher, Max Timukhin, who decided to post a short video of the old man whizzing through the streets of the city at full speed. The clip, in fact, did not take long to make the rounds of the web, given Igor's skill.

The skater has been riding his board since 1981, wrote Timukhin in the description of the post which has gained more than 224,000 likes. Indeed, on the four-wheeled board he seems to be rejuvenated and be completely at ease. The ease with which he handles the board leaves even professional skaters amazed, who have not been slow in praising Igor's performance.

But the masters of skateboarding are not the only ones who have been attracted by the old man's skills. Even the less experienced have gradually convinced themselves to approach this sport, moved by the enthusiasm transmitted by Igor and his beloved skateboard.

Getting started is not easy, and the fear of falling scares many people. However, Igor seems very confident as he whizzes along on his board, encouraging anyone to take up this fantastic sport.



In fact, many internet users, seeing the advanced age of the skater, are convinced to overcome their fears by entering the world of skateboarding.

It's never too late to start a new adventure and Igor knows this well. For him, skateboarding is more than a pastime, he has spent many years of his life confessing that as long as he can he will rlive with his feet on that board that has made him happy since he was a boy.


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