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Poor boy manages to graduate from being…
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Poor boy manages to graduate from being a water seller with his father

August 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

For a young person, studying can be very complex as well as tiring. For a student, there are many obstacles to overcome: the exams to pass, the hours of study to fit in with daily life in order to keep the grade average high. In addition to these difficulties, another barrier to overcome is the economic one. Not all families, in fact, can afford to send their children to university, especially if there are many children under one roof. In some cases, however, knowing the value of culture, many parents decide to make sacrifices to ensure that at least one child is able to graduate and become a professional. A moving story in this regard is that of a young boy named Sammy Mania…

via: Tuko

Let's go to Kenya, where a young man of 25 managed to graduate in chemistry after helping his parents to bring home their salaries for several years. A remarkable sacrifice that deserves to be told.

Sixth of nine siblings, Sammy is the only one in his family who has managed to tackle the entire school career up to the long-awaited graduation. Despite good initial grades and excellent learning skills, the 25-year-old says he had significant financial difficulties in accomplishing his goal. A local charity, seeing the excellent results and the good will this young man displayed, decided to support him by funding most of his studies.

During his high school years, in addition to being committed to studying, he worked full time with his dad, selling bottles of water to bring home a single salary, an activity that he then carried on even during his university years, dividing his life between books and the trolley with which he transported the bottles with his father.

I would get up very early and sell water before classes started, then go home, change and go to college. In the evening I would go home, change clothes and bring peeled potatoes to restaurateurs”, the young graduate told the local media. Thanks to these small jobs, Sammy managed over time to save enough money to pay for both university and the purchase of other carts that he rented to other people. An incredible sacrifice that paid off after only a few years.


After graduating, the young man said that street vending was a great lesson for him and that he could now do whatever he wanted to do in his life. What he will always carry with him from these experiences are the ability to adapt and flexibility.

Even today, in fact, after having found an excellent job in a travel agency, he still continues to cut vegetables for the people of his country, continuing to remember and honor his origins.


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