Grandmother removes her tattoed granddaughters from her will and leaves her belongings to the only one who is uninked -
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Grandmother removes her tattoed granddaughters…
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Grandmother removes her tattoed granddaughters from her will and leaves her belongings to the only one who is uninked

August 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Some grandmothers are literally old-fashioned: they would never want to see any piercings, or tattoos, or extravagant colors in their grandchildren's hair. But while some of them just keep their thoughts to themselves, others, on the other hand, are capable of causing a real tragedy, going so far as to make absurd gestures, just as the grandmother of one girl, a Reddit user, did. She got mad at her granddaughters for getting tattoos and she even disinherited them, leaving all her belongings to the one granddaughter who didn't have any and her two brothers.

This strange story was told by the girl who received the inheritance: “My grandmother was against tattoos. She said they don't look good on women”. From her point of view, therefore, tattoed men and boys are okay, and this is demonstrated by the fact that the two grandsons included in the inheritance were both tattooed. She then continues: "When she discovered that my older sister (there are four of us) had a tattoo, she removed her from her will".

Incredulous, the other three sisters (including the girl from Reddit), rebelled and decided to get tattooed, convinced that they would change her grandmother's mind. Despite her initial conviction, the girl in question changed her mind at the last minute, arousing the anger of the others: "I realized how stupid it was and I decided not to". Although she backed out, the other sisters continued with their plan as a sign of solidarity with her sister removed from the will.

Needless to say, the grandmother was disappointed and embittered by the behavior of the other two sisters, and not only did she not change her mind leaving out the granddaughter who had first got the tattoo, but out of spite she also removed them from the will, leaving her inheritance only to the sister who had pulled out and her two brothers.


After the grandmother passed away, the tattooed sisters claimed their rights and insisted that the girl and the two brothers share the inheritance with them. The girls were especially stubborn with their sister, as she was found guilty of cheating on them by pulling out of the deal. Despite their insistence, however, they received only a small portion of the estate.

Undecided about what to do, the girl asked Reddit users for advice, receiving criticism and acclaim: some of her agreed with her and heaped ridicule on her grandmother for having distributed her legacy on the basis of such a thing. Others, however, went against her heavily, calling her the profiteer and even the thief.

In short, there are those who have expressed their opinion in a calm and reasoned manner and there are those who, on the other hand, have not missed an opportunity to let their wicked side come out. It's true that our grandmothers are daughters of another time, but perhaps they should begin to understand that a person should feel free to do what she wants with her body.

Which side are you on?



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