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A mom moves her teenage son's bed and…
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A mom moves her teenage son's bed and finds a pile of trash on the floor

July 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Many parents are enormously stressed about keeping up with their little children of a few months who, undisturbed, crawl and try to color on the white walls of the house or to ingest everything they come across. These parents, however, have not yet have come face to face with a teenage son. In fact, dealing with a teenager can be quite tiring, given that it is a very delicate period of growth. It is precisely during adolescence that the first real conflicts emerge in the home, between children and parents.

Amanda Nighbert, a mom living in Lexington, Kentucky (USA), had to deal with one of the many incidents that can happen when dealing with a teenager: after moving her son's bed to change up the arrangement of furniture in the room, the woman found a pile of garbage on the floor!

Her son had evidently accumulated a collection of waste paper, bags, bottles and empty drinks under his bed, giving life to a real miniature dump. Amanda was shocked to say the least after seeing the amount of filth that her son had accumulated under his bed: her expression in the video she posted on TikTok, is quite eloquent!

"When was the last time you cleaned under your son's bed?" She asks wryly in her video.

Under the boy's bed there was really a bit of everything: open packets of potato chips, empty plastic bottles, litter and bags of junk food - probably forbidden snacks, consumed in secret from his parents! The video quickly went viral, racking up 17 million views and hundreds of comments as shocked as the boy's mom.

"Oh my God!", "Lucky the cockroaches haven't arrived or worse!" and also, "If I had dirtied my room like this, my mom would have killed me!".


In the same video, the boy found guilty of accumulating so much trash is seen personally vacuuming the floor - the least he could do, considering the pitiful conditions under his bed!

How would you have reacted when faced with such a "spectacle"? Tell us in the comments!

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