21 year old woman undergoes surgery…
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21 year old woman undergoes surgery to be sterilized: "One day you will regret it"

July 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays, many women can finally feel free to firmly communicate their needs and requirements, without worrying too much about the patterns imposed by society. The result is that, of course, there are many women who continue to want to be mothers and many others who don't even want to think about having children. This choice, however, should never be judged by anyone. A woman who chooses not to have children has nothing to feel guilty about.

The young user of TikTok, "Spanic Pavas", wanted to tell via her account the reasons that led her to adopt a permanent contraceptive, in order not to risk getting pregnant: tubal ligation. The young woman, just 21, was immediately inundated with criticism, as many users argue that it was a premature and reckless intervention.

The twenty-one-year-old young woman told in one of her first TikTok videos that she had undergone permanent surgery for ligation of the fallopian tubes. The woman said that she had suffered a lot on a hormonal level, due to the contraceptives she used, and that she had quite clear ideas about her future: she absolutely does not want to have children. Many users, of course, took the liberty of judging her choice and, although she herself declared that she didn't want to respond to negative comments, she still wanted to defend her choice with an explanation.

Many women have a top priority to become mothers, but the 21-year-old serenely declared that she has another goal in life: "For me, the most important thing is not being a mother, but being an independent woman."

The young woman's age in particular has given rise to comments. Many users have simply written to her that "one day she will regret it", since the surgery is irreversible. To those who ask her, for example, what she will do when she is old, and has no son or daughter to take care of her, she answers with determination: "I cannot bring a child into the world, thinking that one day she will take care of me or he will give me some money to support myself. Absolutely not. "


Other users, on the other hand, asked her for more information about the intervention immediately, perhaps seeking advice on the matter. In any case, she doesn't feel guilty in the slightest and is very happy with her decision.

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