An elderly woman is scammed on the phone and panics in a shop: the employees offer to help her -
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An elderly woman is scammed on the phone…
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An elderly woman is scammed on the phone and panics in a shop: the employees offer to help her

July 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Have you ever received an SMS or a call from strangers who turned out to be impostors? Nowadays, it is very easy to scam people by preying on their weaknesses, fears or uncertainties, and even easier to outwit our older citizens. In fact, it is no coincidence that the key targets of telephone scams are our grandfathers and our grandmothers, mentally more fragile and apparently more malleable people ...

via: KOAA 5

There's a story of a scam against an elderly citizen which has been around the web in the United States, one that involved Jean, a lady who lives in Colorado and who is quite advanced in age; one day, she walked into a local grocery store, and all the employees immediately knew that something was wrong with her ...

Jean was clearly in a state of panic when Sophie Rossi, one of the grocery store employees, approached the elderly client and asked her what was wrong with her; Jean replied shakily, saying that she had been called by a person who claimed to have power over her bank accounts and that if she didn't do exactly what he told her it would end badly ...


These were Jean's words: "He told me that if I didn't cooperate, I would end up in the paper this morning and everyone would know and they would take away my social security card and close all the different accounts of things that were in my name, and I thought it was a joke. He said "then you're going to jail" and I said "what?", and he said, "Yes, we have a warrant for you." That's what he told me, it scared me a lot. "

The employee then asked her to explain that to get out of that snag, Jean would have to buy eBay vouchers worth $700 and send them all to the anonymous scammer, but luckily Sophie Rossi and the others understood the situation and were there to help her. ...



The kind employee of the grocery store didn't think twice before lending a hand to the deceived elderly woman, also because she was aware that that kind of scam was becoming more and more common: "Absolutely. If someone did this to my grandmother, I would be so upset. I hope someone is in a position to stop the anonymous scammer! "

Jean was reassured by the store employees, and thanks to Sophie Rossi's kindness and helpfulness, she managed to get out of what seemed like a terrible nightmare ...

Have you ever been deceived in such a convincing way only to discover afterwards that it was all a scam created to your detriment?


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