She turned 72, but from her birthday party photos, she looks like she's barely 40 -
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She turned 72, but from her birthday…
A 40-year-old woman is criticized for dressing too young: A woman notices an elderly man who labors under the sun and decides to

She turned 72, but from her birthday party photos, she looks like she's barely 40

July 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Aging is inevitable, but nowadays there are many products and solutions to delay this natural process, which is so dreaded by many women and men. Nobody has discovered the elixir of life yet, but there are people who, for sure, know how to keep themselves looking young. A striking example, in this sense, is represented by the American designer, of Chinese origin, Vera Wang. This woman celebrated her 72nd birthday in June 2021, but looking at her photos it seems that time has stopped for her many years ago. From her photos at her party it looks like a party to celebrate her 40th birthday instead of her 72nd! But what is her secret? The famous designer has some suggestions to give us ...

When we think of a seventy-year-old woman we imagine a gray-haired grandmother, some wrinkles and clothes appropriate to her age. Vera Wang doesn't even remotely fit this imaginary description, despite her 72 years of age, and she showed up at her birthday party with a long, brightly colored dress and very long, dark hair. You can't help but be wide eyed and ask yourself if Vera Wang is really 72 and if she, years ago, found a magic potion that allows her to always stay in such great shape.

What are her tips for preserving her youth? First of all, don't let yourself be obsessed with age and the passing of time: you have to take care of your body regardless of these thoughts, - only in this way will you be able to live better, without being overwhelmed by negativity. Among the most "practical" advice she has, however, Wang advises to work, sleep adequately and not to expose yourself to the sun too much. A good habit to inherit from modern Asian culture, in fact, would be to apply a little sunscreen to your face every time you leave the house.

Perhaps the most surprising fact is that the designer is not particularly fond of physical activity. For her, apparently, it's not that important an activity in her daily beauty routine.


What is certain is that some tips work better for some people and less for others. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the key to eternal youth has not yet been discovered and for those who want to keep fit there are only the "old remedies": exercise, good nutrition, restful sleep and good self-care.

In addition to the physical, the mind should not be neglected. Only by taking care of yourself can you get to the point where "age is not an obstacle".


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