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15 mothers who look so young that they…
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15 mothers who look so young that they don't show their age at all

November 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes a real problem can arise at home between mother and daughter; not so much because the daughter wants to feel free to do what she wants without being constrained by the parent, but because the mother could steal the show. To be exact, there are cases in which the mother can have a much better physical appearance than her daughter and, despite her age, she doesn't look it. A ripple of discussion broke out on the internet when some girls started sharing photos of their young looking mothers on social networks.

Do you think this is the photo of the daughter? Well no, she is a mother and she is 43 years old!

A mother who is also a professional model: she is 67 years old but she doesn't look it at all!


It doesn't look like it, but she's 50!

Yes, my mom is "only" 40 years old!

I swear to you, my mother is 46!


Would you believe it? We are like two peas in a pod, but my mother is 43 years old ...

48 years well carried!


I swear to you, she's 38, but she doesn't look it at all!

My mother is 43 years old, but it seems like I'm not her daughter at all, but her sister ...


My mother is about to turn 41 ... how many years would you have guessed?

62 years well carried!

She's about to turn 48 ... congratulations on that body!

They always mistake us for sisters, but my mother is 41 and has 4 children!

And you, how old do you think she is?

And to think that my male friends ask my mother for her mobile number instead of me!


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