This woman has an abdomen which is much more elongated than normal: "on the internet they told me I look like a centipede"

Mark Bennett

October 07, 2022

This woman has an abdomen which is much more elongated than normal:

Often, we hear that we must love our bodies because they are our "temples" in which we will live forever. As a result, many try to take care of their bodies as best they can. Whether one is tall, short, or some other body shape, one should never be subject to unkind comments about one's physique.

But unfortunately, the woman we want to tell you about had to deal with just this type of unkindness. She was heavily criticized for posting clips on social media where she shows off her unique body shape. Here is her story:

via New York Post


emmielovescows/Tik Tok

Emmie is a 22-year-old woman who has become very famous on the web for some videos posted to her TikTok account. The young woman decided to show off her physique which left many users amazed. In the clips, she reveals an extremely enlongated abdomen.

As thin and toned as she is, Emmie, had to read - and respond to - many unkind comments regarding her body. Some even compared her to a centipede, but Emmie's response was not long in coming: "Learn to be kinder," she wrote in a a response comment.

But while there were cruel comments, there were others who admired her body and advised her to take up modelling.

emmielovescows/Tik Tok

There were also those who asked her about her height and, although it looks like she is very "tall", Emmie is of average height. It is only her torso which is more elongated than normal. In addition, she stated that to keep fit, she goes to the gym 5 days a week and trains for about an hour and a half each session.

Emmie's uniqueness has led to her getting a large number of followers and, one video in particular got over 25 million views. These are numbers that have transformed Emmie into a young web star and raised her profile significantly.

What do you think of Emmie's body? It's very special, don't you think?