She has 4 children and has no money to pay the builders: this mom rolled up her sleeves and is building her house by herself -
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She has 4 children and has no money…
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She has 4 children and has no money to pay the builders: this mom rolled up her sleeves and is building her house by herself

July 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a mother and a woman who doesn't give up in the face of anything, not even in the face of the most unpredictable obstacles in life; these are the great qualities of the heroine of this story, a Spanish woman who has been around the web for her courage and strength that she has shown in giving a better future to her four children despite her enormous difficulties. Her name is Vanesa Canelo, she is 36 and lives in Cordoba, Spain and she has not given up on anything ...

via: El Doce

image: El Doce

Vanesa Canelo has 4 dependent children and lives in an apartment, but unfortunately for some time she has not been able to make ends meet and make it to the end of the month, which is why she is unable to pay the rent anymore; an unfortunate situation which, however, could soon end as she will soon have built a new and totally independent house on land that her father bequeathed to her.

Unfortunately, the woman was unable not only to pay the rent but also had no money to pay the carpenters and bricklayers who were to build the new house for her and her family; but Vanesa did not give up even in the face of this adversity, and decided that she herself would finish building the walls of her future home, brick by brick.

image: El Doce

Here is what Vanessa told the Spanish media: "The goal is to be able to finish the house for my children, and live in security."; in reality the woman is very worried because she knows that her rent money will soon run out and if she cannot pay it she will be evicted from her house and she won't know where to go with her four children; here is one more reason to rush to build the detached house before the deadline: "That's why we want to get into our house as soon as possible. We want to finish it quickly because my children suffer a lot from the cold, among other things one of my girls is also asthmatic."

But how did this 36-year-old mom manage to build and erect the walls of her new house all by herself, without the help of construction workers that she couldn't afford to pay at the moment? Her answer: "I always liked bricklaying, so I asked some builders for advice, they guided me and I tried to do it myself. I mix the lime, I do almost everything by hand. First we laid the foundations and then we filled the columns and then raised the walls! "

A woman and a mother who will be stopped by nothing and no  one in order to give a better future to her family: well done!

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