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Her ex-husband wins $273 million in…
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Her ex-husband wins $273 million in the lottery: "it's not enough to win me back"

June 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many things can you buy for $273 million? We find it hard to imagine: a villa with a swimming pool, a luxurious sports car, a private jet and an island would not be able to drain even a small percentage of the riches. With such a figure you could afford everything but money, although many find it hard to believe, does not bring happiness and cannot buy feelings. In short, with money you can buy everything but love: this is the lesson learned by Mike Weirsky, the very lucky man from New Jersey who won a jackpot of 273 million dollars.

Eileen Murray was divorced from Mike for over 15 years because she felt she did not have support from him: the woman had to take on all the expenses and all the duties and for this reason she decided to distance herself from the man with whom she had shared many years. Even after the separation, Eileen provided financial help to her unemployed ex-husband, paying a monthly amount to him in alimony. A few months later, however, man's life has completely changed. The win was a real stroke of luck: a stranger returned the ticket returned to Mike which he had accidentally fleft on the counter of a bookshop. Mike thanked the man who, who without knowing it, had given him the lucky one-way ticket to economic independence.

When Mike checked the numbers on his ticket he couldn't believe his eyes: in a moment his life, made up of hardships and maintenance checks, changed. And, while Mike was thinking about how many things he could do and buy with that money, someone wondered how his ex-wife would react. Is money a valid reason to go back with an ex-husband? For Eileen no, that sum of money had no appeal to her: she never considered going back with Mike and the fact that he became a millionaire certainly did not change her situation or her feelings. The woman hopes that she will no longer have to pay money as maintenance and that her ex-husband will do the right thing, donating part of his winnings to charity.

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