She longs to have a child but went through menopause at 30: she eventually gives birth to triplets -
She longs to have a child but went through…
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She longs to have a child but went through menopause at 30: she eventually gives birth to triplets

May 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Many couples look forward to starting a family and cultivate a great desire to become parents. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that it is these couples who are affected by infertility problems and have to resort to alternative methods to make their dreams come true. The problems they run into can be legion, but Hollie Gambrel's seemed almost "unsurpassable": the woman went through menopause at the age of 32! It can happen, at times, that menopause appears at this early age, but fortunately this is absolutely not the norm. She and her husband David were trying to have a child, but their dream was brutally cut short by the news from the doctors. Fortunately, scientific progress has made it possible to overcome certain obstacles, so much so that Hollie and David decided to try in vitro fertilization, using an egg donor. Not only did their dream come true, it was even more beautiful than they could have imagined!

via: Mirror

It's not easy for a woman to accept the idea of ​​entering menopause at the age of 30, let alone if she also has a strong desire to become a mother. Thankfully, Hollie and her husband did not give up and considered the possibility of IVF. In this case, given Hollie's infertility, the couple had to choose an anonymous donor, whose eggs would be fertilized by the sperm from Hollie's husband, David. Such a procedure has high costs, but the couple were very lucky to have the support of family and friends: $30,000 was raised, allowing the two to realize their dream! Hollie chose the donor based on some common characteristics, such as her blond hair and the fact that she liked to run. She was happy to have given David the opportunity to have biological children and to still have the chance to give birth to children who, while not sharing her DNA, will always be her children.

Hollie became pregnant almost immediately afterwards, but the biggest surprise came during one of the first ultrasounds: the woman was carrying not one, but three babies! Although she had gone through menopause at such an early age, Hollie was now going to have triplets. Rory, Ryder and Rhett are now just over a year old and Hollie and her husband David couldn't be happier.

We too are happy that the couple have managed to realize this great dream: a great source of inspiration for all those who would like to be parents, but have to face a few more obstacles!

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