Impossible to resist: 16 pets capable…
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Impossible to resist: 16 pets capable of making us smile even on the worst day

May 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We want to appeal to all those who have a pet at home; you know very well that it's not only a living being capable of giving us affection, company, absolute fidelity and unforgettable times, but our four-legged friends are also able to give us reasons to smile broadly every single day, even if maybe we're having one of our worst days.

They don't do it on purpose, sometimes they are involuntarily clumsy or disruptive, but the fact is that they know how to get into trouble or are caught red-handed looking guilty for their misdeeds. And we humans, we cannot help but have a loud laugh and take a photograph to immortalize the moment our pet made us smile!

My cat never minds his own business, he always getting into things he shouldn't be ...

Today he jumped onto the printer on, and the result was a this feline image!

Is someone missing their breakfast?

Maybe we have overwhelming proof that the squirrel is the secret muffin thief!


I made a complete photoshoot of Farley, my dog's absurd expressions...

Look at him, isn't he irresistable?

Caught red handed!

And of course, in such a position and with a terrified look like this, I couldn't help but take a picture of him!

Some time ago I bought a new memory pillow for my bed ...

image: Reddit

... guess who is using it now? My dog, quietly snoring in my place!


Life imitates art!

And for sure my black kitty had absolutely no idea of the shower curtain design - what a coincidence!

What do you think this is?

A dog or a hippo? Because we are wondering if we have adopted the wrong animal!


Hi everyone, this is Little Billy!

My pet owl is a real hoot: look at those intense expressions!

I don't know why, but my dog doesn't like being alone for too long ...

For this reason he follows me constantly, even when ... I go to the toilet!


He looks bored but he's not!

I assure you, it is simply his normal expression. He is, in fact, a faithful and very affectionate dog!

If it weren't for those bright eyes we wouldn't be able to find her ...

image: Reddit

This slightly sinister picture is just my sweet little cat in her cat-cozy!

An owner who made the right choice!

This cat owner installed clear panels on the ceiling of his office so his cats could always check it out!

After a walk in the snow he is ready to parade on the catwalk!

image: Reddit

He's sporting a very cool outfit!

My rather large dog has his own idea of comfort ...

Too bad it's always me who loses out when we go to bed!

What an inconvenient cat!

He only lies in front of the TV when I'm trying to watch a movie ... hey cat, you don't make a good window!

I couldn't find the kitchen paper roll...

I searched all over the house, when in the end I found it in my cat's clutches: he didn't want to let it go!

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