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A veegan restaurant turns away a child…
At 30 she becomes a woman and her 3 year old daughter accepts her for what she is:

A veegan restaurant turns away a child who was eating a ham sandwich: his mother goes on a rampage

May 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"The customer is always right": how many times have we heard this phrase? Many, perhaps too many times. Although it is true that the employees of a shop or a restaurnat must pay particular respect towards the paying customer, it's not certain that they are always and in every case right. The fact of paying and playing the role of customer, then, does not justify any lack of respect towards the various waiters, shop assistants and other service role employees. On Reddit, yet another story has emerged that has generated a debate precisely on this subject: the waiters at a vegan cafe were forced to turn away a mother who had brought a ham sandwich for her son. The employees told her that they couldn't allow her or her child to consume meat or other food that did not correspond to the ethic being espoused in the cafe, above all out of respect for other customers who do not like to eat meat or products of animal origin.

via: Daily Star

Basically, the rule established by the restaurant in question provided for the absolute prohibition of consuming outside food, perhaps brought from home, inside the restaurant, - a rule that is very common in many bars and restaurants. Usually, the restaurant turns a blind eye to small children and allows mothers to feed them what they deem most appropriate. Certainly, however, they cannot allow a child to eat a ham sandwich inside a vegan establishment, using their crockery. The waiters tried to explain the delicate matter to the child's mother, telling her why it's not acceptable to consume products of animal origin in a vegan restaurant above all out of respect for other customers who specifically go to such a place to consume animal-free foods. The mother, however, kept repeating furiously that her son would be very hungry if they didn't allow him to eat that sandwich. The waiters, once again, invited the woman to choose one of the many vegan or, even better, vegetarian sandwiches from their menu, or whatever else would be suitable for her son. They weren't going to starve him, they just couldn't let him have a ham sandwich.

image: Wikimedia

The employee at the center of the controversy, in spite of himself, following the exchange with the angry mother, felt extremely guilty after the incident and asked people on the web what was the general opinion with respect to the story. "After I told them they could take anything from our menu, they got even more angry. They said they would take the food and eat it outside ... and never come back. They kept shouting as they walked out, that I am a disgusting being for depriving a child of his food" said the disheartened waiter. "I understand their point of view, but I also think they should have thought about it more before coming to our cafe," he added, almost as if to justify himself. Needless to say, the vast majority of readers agreed with the waiter and condemned the behavior of the family in question.

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