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A policeman stops a homeless family…
9-year-old boy holds his foster brother in his arms for the first time and can't hold back his tears

A policeman stops a homeless family and plays hopscotch with their little girl: he brought her some comfort

May 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Life is hard for everyone, but even more so for all those who do not have the good fortune to live in a permanent home and who have to be content with living every day on the street, or inside their car; they are the so-called homeless, the invisible in our society who all too often are seen badly by ordinary people and are not welcome in many city centers. When homeless people are in fact not welcome, the police often act to move them on, but not in the case that we want to tell you about today ...

The gesture of affection and closeness made by the policeman protagonist in these tender images is priceless. It all happened in Huntington Beach, California, when some residents of the US seaside neighborhood complained about the presence of a homeless family who lived in their car and had been stationed there for some time; apparently, some Huntington Beach residents did not like their presence, and for this reason they called the police to get them out of the area.

When police officer Zach Pricer arrived on the scene with his colleague he noticed that inside the car belonging to the troubled family, there was a frightened and very sad-looking eleven-year-old girl ...


Zach Pricer, instead of removing the family from the neighborhood, decided to do something for them and especially for the little girl: he let the little girl get out of the car and, in the meantime, his colleague was contacting the Homeless Task Force to find some practical help for that child and her homeless family. Instead of chasing or fining them, he asked her to play hopscotch with him!

The little girl, surprisingly, had never played that game with her friends, but it seems that Agent Pricer was quite accustomed to the rules of the street game that we all learned to play when we were very young and with which our paretns also grew up. The eleven-year-old girl, who was accustomed to being very frightened and fearful of policemen, who had previously ordered them to get out of the car, was now truly radiant and had for a minute put aside all daily worries!


The fun images of Zach Pricer and the little girl made the rounds of the web when they were published and circulated on the Facebook channel of the Huntington Beach Police Department, receiving the applause of all his colleagues: "This morning an officer checked a suspect vehicle in the Graham and Edinger area. During his investigation he learned that the people in the vehicle were a mother and her 11-year-old daughter who lived out of their car. The officer contacted the Homeless Task Force to help them arrange accommodation. While the other agent worked on arranging the accommodation with the mom, another officer on the scene, Agent Pricer, started showing her daughter his experience in the field of hopscotch!"

A really kind and unexpected gesture from this police officer: a policeman with a heart of gold!



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