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"What were the odds of that happening?":…
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"What were the odds of that happening?": 16 situations in which fate played an important role

April 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In life, you need a lot of luck, even when you least expect it. Yes, because it's often chance that plays a fundamental role in what happens to us, for better or for worse. Yes, when we are fine, we give credit to luck for our success, but if it goes wrong, we know that we should curse forever the misfortune that seems to haunt us. We have selected for you some photographs that have best been able to represent and describe how pure chance plays a very, very important role in our life. After going through all these incredible images, all you have to do is ask yourself, "How likely was that thing to happen to him?"

Well, we're asking ourselves that too ...

What are the chances that they would escape this fire untouched?

They escaped with only moments to spare and the flames didn't reach their garden ... by a whisker!

It almost never happens in life, yet it happens ...

A unique family picture of its kind: two twins married two twins, and both couples gave birth to twins ... wow!


The bowl with the goldfish inside fell into the ground and not only did it not split into a thousand pieces ....

image: slowf3/Reddit

... but the fish remained inside without incurring any damage ... and the cat didn't get at it!

What were the chances of a hare being captured by a Google Street View screen?

image: Reddit

One in a million, in this exceptional shot!

I wanted to take a picture of the rainbow, and instead ...

... instead I also captured a lightning bolt that hit the ground at the same time!


Could it have been a coincidence?

Read the recurring sentence on each newspaper: "This is not a coincidence, this is not a coincidence, this is not a coincidence ..."

Look carefully at this image...

All the players in this shot have their feet off the ground for a few seconds!


An absurd coincidence...

My grandfather passed away on my grandmother's birthday, while my grandmother passed away on my grandfather's birthday ... amazing!

A simple birthday photograph?

But no; the author relates: "While we were out for dinner for my grandmother's 85th birthday, we discovered that the lady at the table next to us was also celebrating her 85th birthday. They were born a day apart, they grew up in the same city and they had never met until this important birthday dinner."


For those fascinated by numerology...

The author relates: "Today, when it was 77 ° (Fahrenheit), I was passing mile 77 on I-77 going at 77 miles per hour with 77 miles worth of fuel still in my tank ..."

I couldn't find my cell phone on the bus that takes me to school every day, I look down and ...

image: Reddit

... I found it planted on the floor in this position!

I looked carefully at the clouds and here is the spectacle that appeared before me ...

Doesn't that look like a heavenly guitar to you too?

Ok, we are a little unsettled by this photograph ...

Is it possible that we are living in a digital simulation and we don't realize it?

What way to the Moon?

image: Kinoko/Reddit

No worries...just turn right!

If I think back to what happened to me I get chills ...

I stepped on a needle and it slipped through my toes ... what luck!

I was trying to throw my fork into the bathroom sink ...

... and instead it slipped into the wall in that precarious position! What are the chances of that happening?


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