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A grudge in the family: a man builds…

A grudge in the family: a man builds a very narrow 3-storey building to ruin his brother's sea view

April 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How far can a sibling feud go? We know that family quarrels are more frequent than one thinks, even if parents, especially if they are elderly, always tend to want to placate family members in some way. Seeing your children fighting over money or material possessions is always a great disappointment. There are stories, however, where there doesn't seem to be much which can help, as the word "grudge" goes hand in hand with the word "revenge". Two Lebanese brothers have become "famous" over time, thanks to their historic and unusual feud which officially began in 1954, the year of the death of their father. As already mentioned, the friction between the two arose because of the money and the inheritance left by their father.

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When the father of the two brothers died, he left two plots of land to his two sons: the elder was assigned the larger piece of land, while the younger was assigned the smaller one. Moreover, the younger brother was given the piece of land on which he would have had great difficulty in building a beautiful building; in short, between the two, the older brother seemed decidedly at an advantage. Dismayed by what had fallen to him, the younger brother decided that it would not be a big problem to build in that narrow space, but the reasons that led him to do so were mainly motivated by rancor and an explosive desire for revenge.

To everyone's amazement, the man had a very tall and very narrow building built right in front of his brother's. In this way, the new construction would completely obstruct the beautiful sea view from the older brother's building. An incredibly narrow three-story building, which was designed to put a spoke in the brother's wheel. Looking at it from the outside, it's difficult to imagine that anyone could live inside it, as it literally looks like a wall, it's so narrow. We are talking about a 60 cm minimum width, which varies up to 4 meters at its widest point. In fact, it is said that the apartments inside are beautiful and that the rooms are interlinked.


The sea view from the roof of the unusual building

In addition to obstructing the beautiful view of the sea in the city of Beirut, the purpose of that narrow construction was also to greatly lower the value of the older brother's property: who would want to live in a building with such a bad outlook? Certainly, the value of the older brother's building would go down. To date, it is not known who the owner of this "spiteful" building is - this is the adjective that has been given to it over time - but we are sure that, due to the laws in force, it cannot be demolished or replaced by another construction.

A building that tells of a legendary feud in the city of Beirut: in your opinion is it normal to feel so much resentment towards a brother or a sister? Tell us what you think of this singular story!

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