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"What bad luck!": 16 events in which…

"What bad luck!": 16 events in which bad luck definitely got the better of everything

April 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Who has never had a particularly unlucky day? We believe it's definitely a cliché, because in reality bad luck does not exist, only coincidence and chance are the basis of what we think is bad luck and its influence on us. In that unfortunate moment, we think we are trying to resolve a problem, but most of the time we can't help but think out loud: "Why me?"

We wanted to collect for you a hilarious list of ironic and silly photographs, which do nothing but remind us once again that bad luck is a matter of pure chance, and that at least once in life, it reaches everyone. Better just to laugh about it!

What could go wrong for a bride on her wedding day?

It was supposed to be the perfect graduation photo, and instead ...

image: abby/Twitter

When you try to enjoy all the perfumes of life ...

Poor girl, she must have been traumatized!

This photograph has a strange story behind it...

The author of the photograph had been looking for his wallet for days, yet he was sure he had left it in the office: guess where it had slipped? Take a good look at the chair ...


Ah, that's where my toothbrush went ... and now I'll have to wash it thoroughly!

Guess what happened in this photo?

 The author says: "Apparently someone didn't properly secure the egg carts on the truck; result? 10,500 broken eggs!"


But what the heck has this person been up to?

As strange as this photo may be, here's what actually happened: "I accidentally put my gloves in the washing machine; now they look like they would fit my son, at best!"

Starting the day on the wrong foot: who has never poured fruit juice over an upside-down glass?

image: deiwor/Reddit

When we have the brilliant idea of putting a feather pillow in the washing machine and ... it explodes!

image: Damien/Reddit

Take a guess?

 I turned on the coffee machine without putting the cup there... as usual!

It was destiny ... I wasn't meant to enter that house!

My beautiful crystal coffee table ... smashed to pieces!

image: Reddit

But wasn't there at least a sign to point something out? Nothing at all? What bad luck ....

image: Reddit

If we had to choose an image that perfectly represents bad luck, this would be our favorite!

image: Reddit

Come on, who has never had this happen to them at the vending machine?

And how many times has the snack or drink we selected remained in the balance, not being delivered to us and we have to let loose all our brute strength to shake the machine to grab our snack or our bottle of water? Good times... 


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