They're expecting another child and decide to get rid of their pit bull to make room in the house -
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They're expecting another child and…
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They're expecting another child and decide to get rid of their pit bull to make room in the house

April 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How can some people just abandon their pets? How can they treat them as if they were toys without feelings, without a soul? How do they look in the mirror after doing such a horrible thing? As much as it may sound like an action that is horrible and inhuman, every year there are far too many people who abandon their dogs unceremoniously on the street or in a shelter when it suits them ...

via: The Dodo

This is the story of Stormy, a cute pit bull who lived happily ever after with his human family; a very large and populous family, since mum and dad were expecting a fifth child; soon that house would be particularly crowded. With pain in their hearts, Stormy's family made a terrible decision: they would get rid of their faithful pit bull because they would no longer be able to keep and care for him as before ...

Despite the rather cold and heartless act by the human family, at least they had the decency to take the poor pit bull to a Brooklyn shelter rather than abandon him on the street. At first the dog was sad and confused: why had his family left him there, alone, in that place full of other dogs? Why didn't they come back for him?

Alana Guerrini, a volunteer at the shelter, said: "He spent his whole life with a family with four children, plus two other dogs, one small and one large, and finally a cat, then the woman became pregnant and had her fifth child, and she decided there were too many."


When Alana realized in the following months that Stormy was going to be put down due to overpopulation in the shelter, she went out of her way to save his life: "He was supposed to be put down at 5, and it was either 4:58 or 4:59 when we heard the words: 'We'll let you take him, now he's officially yours!"

And luckily, Alana, the kind volunteer, saved his life; she took him away with her, got him into her car and fostered him at home, waiting for a family to adopt him forever ...

Alana recounted the moment of the rescue: "He jumped into my car without a problem. My son got into the passenger seat, and the big dog got onto my son's lap, and you could see that with every little movement and kiss on the face he was thanking him because he knew he would survive. He's an angel!

Now Stormy, the sweet two-year-old pit bull, is at Alana's house, pampered by her family and son; it seems that the dog is slowly recovering from the psychological trauma he experienced, and now that he has found temporary accommodation, he is waiting for a family that will know how to give him a forever home and infinite love. 


 Good luck Stormy, we're all rooting for you!

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