She believed she had a perfect marriage,…
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She believed she had a perfect marriage, but later discovered that her husband has 2 other wives and 13 children in total

March 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you're in a relationship, you're usually convinced that you know your partner 100%, but is that really the case? In reality, when can we really claim to know someone completely? Mary Thompson, a 54-year-old Scottish woman, blindly thought that her husband was her dream man and she did not suspect in the least that he had a double life. Actually, even more than two. William Alen Jordan, an American Mary had met online back in 2000, he had told her he was a CIA secret agent and she, albeit with some doubts, believed it. But William did not go on a secret mission every time he left home, but to his two other wives, with whom he had had several children. For Mary Thompson, and for the other two women, it was a real shock to find that they had been cheated on for so many years.

William had told Mary he was sterile, but unexpectedly she became pregnant only 6 months after their wedding. The marriage had been a rather sudden suggestion, so much so that Mary, initially, was firmly opposed. After all, after only two weeks of dating, how can you decide to marry someone? After much pressure, however, Mary accepted William's proposal, although the wedding took place much later. What did William do "in the meantime"? Well, Mary believed the man was going on secret missions all the time, but he wasn't. William was constantly cheating on her with two other women, with whom he had started a family even before he had met Mary. For 4 years, Mary lived a lie and had children with this man.

During her 2004 pregnancy, William told Mary that bad guys he had dealt with during an undercover operation had threatened to kill him and his family. Terrified that something could happen to her children, Mary completely fell for the ruse by her husband, who asked her for money to hand over to the alleged criminals. The woman was completely subjugated and she gave William everything she had, going so far as to sell the car, the house, cashing in her insurance ... She gave more than £200,000 to the man she thought she loved most in the world. Lately, before being discovered, William had shown his nervous and paranoid personality, so much so that he had prepared the ground with Mary: "If the police start asking questions about me, about an alleged bigamy, don't believe it. ". But before the police, a certain Mischele Lewis phoned Mary, calling herself "another Mrs. Jordan." At that moment, all of William's lies came out.


Julie Bringhurst also got in touch with Mary shortly after, telling her how she had been married to William for 16 years and that together they had 5 children. The man she Mary loved and with whom she had chosen to live forever had cheated her in every way: he claimed to be sterile, but he had 13 children; he was married to two other women; he was by no means a CIA agent or with any other agency. In that moment, William revealed himself to her for what he really was, for the first time: a cheater. William has been charged with bigamy and illegal firearm possession in Scotland, for which he has already served his sentence. After being released from prison, however, the man attempted to cheat other women again and is currently serving another 3-year prison sentence.

Mary Thompson was shocked by what had happened to her and has now managed to describe her experience in a book called "The Bigamist". Until he was found out, admitted the woman, "William had been her perfect husband and father". What do you think of this incredible story?

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