15 people who created disaster with…
An insensitive mother abandons her daughter with a cleft lip because

15 people who created disaster with eyeshadow, pencils, foundation and lipstick

March 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What happens when makeup, instead of enhancing a face, creates a counterproductive effect which is far from the desired outcome? Makeup was created with this intent: to hide imperfections and enhance strengths. If it seems perfectly  simple to take eyeshadow, pencils, foundation and blush to create a masterpeice, some photos show us that it is not so easy. Makeup is an art that must be continuously practiced to be mastered well. Knowing the techniques is not enough, you also need to choose the right products.

We have selected 15 images of women who have messed up their makeup but, with a little practice and some advice, we are sure they could improve greatly.

1. Perhaps the foundation is the wrong shade.

2. Here her neck color and the color on her face are completely different.

Often, when choosing foundation, it is recommended to also try it on to the neck to understand if the color corresponds to your natural skin tone.


3. A yellow mask.

4. Too much blusher.

image: frcale/reddit

5. This woman also seems to be wearing a mask.

The wrong color of foundation often creates a "mask effect", especially when you use too much of it.


6. A lot of highlighter on the neck here.

7. A base which is much too dark.


8. The face color versus the hand color.

Something's gone worng here.

9. What on earth is that on her cheeks?

Maybe this woman wanted a contouring effect, but the darker area is very heavy and unblended.


10. A rather unnatural eyebrow effect.

Eyebrows have the power to enhance your look. For this reason, women who's eyebrows are not very thick try, through the use of make-up, to give them thickness and volume. The technique used here however, does not seem to be enhancing anything.

11. Blue lipstick. Why?

The general rule of make-up says that you have to concentrate your make-up on the part of the face you want to enhance. If your eyes have strong makeup, you will tend to choose a neutral tint for the lips and vice versa. With such a particular eye make-up, a simple lip gloss would have been enough.

12. Foundation which is too dark and rather strange eye color.

13. An unflattering shade of foundation.

15. Another case of a big difference in color between the face and the hands.

Her makeup here is quite simple, if only she had chosen a foundation with a more natural and less covering color.

15. Her makeup is nice, appart from the strange lip liner.

Make-up is very subjective: however what is good for enhancing one person's face will not necessarily suit another. This is why the makeup we are inspired by must first be evaluated. Does our complexion need a highlighter or a lot of concealer? Or maybe it would be more suitable to use a light veil of foundation and enhance the lips with a colored lipstick?

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