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17 women who managed to make a real…
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17 women who managed to make a real disaster with makeup

February 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays it is very easy to become a great expert in any field and to be able to deceive those who know less than us. Of course, in the long run things may go wrong, especially if you continue to flaunt your supposed skills without really mastering them. On Youtube and Instagram, for example, there are hundreds of women and girls who profess to be makeup artists when, on the other hand, they can't even put on eyeliner or choose the right shade of foundation. On the internet, many users enjoy commenting on the questionable taste and ineptitude of these people who would pretend to be makeup stars. Here are some examples for you:

1. It is evident that she has chosen the wrong foundation ...

2. She made a video tutorial on makeup but she can't even put the eyeliner on right!


3. It's hard to find a positive note in this make-up ...

4. "The shop assistant wanted to give me a demonstration of a "light" make-up ... luckily it's free!"

5. For sure you'll get noticed with make-up like this ...


6. The difference in color between the hands and the face is impressive!

7. But why is it so fashionable to have a bronze face ?!


8. The important thing is that she likes it ...

9. She didn't need any makeup ... and most of all she didn't need THIS makeup!


10. When you're going through a goth phase ...

11. Well, it's a simple and natural look isn't it? No...

12. But that foundation? It's not right, but the rest of the make-up wasn't that bad

image: Reddit

13. She also dyed her hair bronze ...

14. The magic of makeup ... the one that ruins you!

15. A nice mess, no doubt about it ...

16. The foundation on that shirt collar will be difficult to remove ...

image: Reddit

17. Drinking won't improve that make-up ...

image: Pinterest
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