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A mom only wants neutral outfits for…
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A mom only wants neutral outfits for the baby girl she is expecting: the mother-in-law buys her all pink dresses

By Alison Forde

Pregnancy is one of the most significant moments in the life of any woman who has decided to become the mother of a child; a delicate moment made of waiting, doubts, anxiety, but also of joy, a time so important that it is very easy to break it as if it were crystal. In fact, some people don't seem to want to respect this 9-month passage which is so fundamental for a new mother; for example, some rather pushy mothers-in-law ...

via: Reddit

A future mother shared on Reddit  about her unpleasant experience with her mother-in-law in the months preceding the birth of her baby. She and her husband had already established that this would be their only pregnancy, they just wanted a child and for this reason they preferred to keep hidden, until the moment of birth, the fundamental detail, namely whether the baby was male or female. The couple had even started buying neutral clothes for the upcoming baby, but the woman's mother-in-law was insistent and she wanted to know at all costs whether she would have a grandson or a granddaughter.

Eventually, the couple succumbed to the woman's insistence and revealed that the baby would be a girl; the mother-in-law was therefore unable to control hersef, and for Christmas, she presented them with 15 gift wrapped packages of girls' dresses all in pink!

The new mom said: "She shows up with, I'm not joking, 15 gift bags all labeled by month and each one is full to the brim with baby girl clothes. We actually did the opening of the gifts on Skype and I pretended to be surprised to virtually everyone. Since I didn't get to do anything really important during this pregnancy, I couldn't wait to go shopping for clothes I liked for the baby girl to come. I prefer baby clothes to be neutral, but above all I wanted to choose them myself, and not for my mother-in-law to choose them!

This mom felt completely overridden in her role as mother-to-be, as she had already agreed with her husband that they would buy neutral-colored clothes for the upcoming baby, and would not reveal until the end whether it was a girl or a boy; but the mother-in-law was undoubtedly a bit arrogant, doing what the mother would have liked to do: buying clothes for her daughter to suit her own tastes.

In a family situation like this, what would you ahve done?


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