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"That's not what I ordered!": 15 things…
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"That's not what I ordered!": 15 things bought online that definitely failed to meet expectations

February 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you waited so long for a trip, a moment that you have been planning for years, an object that you have wanted for a long time, an order that you have placed online? And maybe from the moment you ordered it you have been impatiently waiting at the window, waiting for the arrival of courier with your longed for package. In the end, it arrives at the destination, you unwrap it with alacrity and impatience, only to be completely disappointed: it's not at all what you ordered! The terrible disappointment blinds your heart and you experience a mixture of anger and self-irony: what did you do to deserve receiving such shoddy goods?

Faced with such a disappointment ... you feel only pain!

The person who bought this Christmas panettone was so disappointed with difference between the lavish filling in the picture and the reality that they will always remember it. We've all been there, at least once in our lives!

The shoes my friend ordered for $175, and the ones which actually arrived - what a bitter disappointment!

image: Sv182/Reddit

This poncho is certainly not what it seemed ...

Why on earth would ordering a $100 wedding dress online be a problem? Answer:

The woman says she bought a wedding dress on the popular Wish website, well known for selling and shipping all sortsof things for all sorts of uses, all over the world: she knew she might be disappointed, but before receiving it and trying it on she didn't realize just how awful it could be!

I had been admiring this chopping board online for some time, imagine the disappointment in my eyes when I opened the package:


Here you can spot the huge difference between the advertising image and ... reality:

It's impossible not to imagine the surprised and at the same time disappointed look of the two children; the buyer said that he had bought this inflatable pool for only 60 dollars; when they received it they discovered that the images were rather misleading, and so they rightly requested (and obtained) a full refund, paying only the shipping costs!

Not exactly like the picture of what I ordered!


I ordered $110 worth of white roses for my wife .... imagine the disappointment when they were delivered!

A "full" basket of sweets, really?


Disco pants ordered on Amazon: you've got to laugh!

image: GayTX/Reddit

Not only Wish: it seems that even in buying clothes from the internet giant Amazon, you can encounter real disappointment: just look at the face on this poor guy, all ready to celebrate his purchase at the disco and instead he has these terrible white pants!

Exactly as shown in the picture!

Not only are there 5 pieces missing, but the puzzle picture isn't even the same! Scammers!

image: Reddit

I ordered a family size blanket, this bunch of yarn arrived:

The glasses I ordered vs. what I received

Never buy clothes online without trying them on first, ever!

If you can't stop yourself from laughing when faced with these hilarious and ironic testimonials from shoppers who were particularly disappointed with their orders, we recommend that you learn more on the Reddit Expectations Vs. Reality group. We are sure that you will not only find more to entertain you, but you may identify with these unfortunate customers who have had expectations ... which were far too high!

Have you also found yourself in the same situation as them, at least once in your life?


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