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A homeless man takes care of a disabled…
Suddenly struck down by a stroke, he is saved by the German shepherd which he adopted only a few months earlier

A homeless man takes care of a disabled dog: he feeds him and considers him "his child"

February 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you have little in life, you tend to appreciate everything, even the apparently trivial things, which we usually don't pay much attention to; those who are poor on the outside are very often rich on the inside, very rich in love, affection, good feelings towards other people, generosity and altruism. The protagonist of this moving story is a homeless Venezuelan man, who was immortalized by a photo that went around the internet thanks to his touching gesture.

Lira Quicaño, a woman who lives in Rimac in Peru and who happened to be passing through Avenida Samuel Alcázar, immortalized an emotional moment full of good feelings: the woman saw a young homeless man of Venezuelan origin taking care of and feeding a poor little disabled dog, which is forced to move in a special wheelchair, as he could not move his hind legs. For this reason the generous man, despite living a life of hardship and having no roof to sleep under or enough food to share, knew that he had to take care of him in some way.

Lira said: "I saw this Venezuelan guy talking very affectionately to this dog, to 'his child' as he called it. Unfortunately, the little dog cannot walk, but it drags its hind legs thanks to a special wheelchair."

This poor homeless man usually earns a living by cleaning cars on the same busy boulevard in the Peruvian town of Rimac, according to local citizens and passers-by who have now learned about him. The homeless man prefers to have his faithful dog accompany him while he does the car washing on the street, so that he can always be near him and that he can take care of the dog when it's necessary.

Certainly, the moving scene immortalized by Lira's photographic lens reminds us once again that generosity, altruism, a sense of solidarity and mutual love are not values that can be bought so easily: very often, these gestures are carried out by people who know what it means to make enormous sacrifices or live without a home, a family, or money to go on with.

Those who have nothing, may have everything they need to live kept in their big hearts.

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