Suddenly struck down by a stroke, he is saved by the German shepherd which he adopted only a few months earlier -
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Suddenly struck down by a stroke, he…
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Suddenly struck down by a stroke, he is saved by the German shepherd which he adopted only a few months earlier

February 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When two gazes meet for the first time and they know that they will never separate again in life, then it is said that fate has united them; this thing is true both as regards the feeling of love and for the friendship that can arise between a human being and a four-legged friend. In the end, the looks between Brian Myers, the protagonist of our story, and the German Shepherd Sadie, were the spark that started the mutual understanding and loyalty that they now feel for each other.

via: TODAY

Sadie is a sweet German shepherd who had lost his family and was welcomed at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey; over time, the dog had become increasingly suspicious of humans and had a lot of difficulty in establishing a bond, even with the volunteers at the shelter. But then came Brian Myers, who immediately fell in love with Sadie and decided to adopt her.

Not only had Brian saved the dog's life for the first time, but fate was about to come into play again with the lives of our two protagonists in an unexpected way: soon, Sadie herself would be the one to save the life of her beloved master. In fact, one day when Brian was at home, he had a stroke which paralyzed him. The dog, realizing that her master was not at all well, began to lick him and then to bark very loudly to try to attract the attention of a neighbor who could come to help them ...


No one seemed to be answering Sadie's yelps, so the German shepherd did an incredible thing: she encouraged Brian to grab onto her collar and dragged him to the landline phone; the man recounted what had happened: "She knew I was in trouble and she was distressed. I grabbed her collar and she knew how to help me get the help I needed. Sadie started pulling with all her force. With her help, I was able to drag myself across the floor to get my phone."

Now, Brian is safe and sound; he was rescued in time by health workers, he has overcome his stroke and is now in a rehabilitation center, slowly recovering his strength to go home and hug his Sadie again: "I miss her terribly and I can't wait to see her and love her even more than I already do; I promise to give her the best life possible and I will never forget her loyalty and heroism on that very scary night!"

If this is not a story that will convince you to believe in the deep friendship between men and dogs, what will?

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